Kukke Subramanya Akshara Guest House Rooms Online Booking


Know the details about the Kukke Subramanya Akshara Guest House Rooms Online Booking, Kukke Subramanya Akshara Guest House Booking

Kukke Subramanya Akshara Guest House: A Comprehensive Guide

Kukke Subramanya, a sacred town in Karnataka, is renowned for its ancient temple dedicated to Lord Subramanya. To accommodate the numerous pilgrims and tourists visiting this divine place, there are several guesthouses available. Among them, Akshara Guest House stands out for its comfort and convenience. Here’s everything you need to know about staying at Akshara Guest House.

Kukke Subramanya Akshara Guest House Rooms Online Booking

About Akshara Guest House

Akshara Guest House offers a serene and comfortable stay for visitors to Kukke Subramanya. It’s known for its clean rooms, friendly staff, and proximity to the main temple. Whether you’re on a pilgrimage or just exploring the area, this guesthouse provides a peaceful retreat.

Location and Route

Location: Akshara Guest House, Temple Road, Kukke Subramanya, Karnataka

  • By Train: The nearest railway station is Subramanya Road, located about 12 kms from the guesthouse. You can take a taxi or auto-rickshaw from there.
  • By Road: Kukke Subramanya is well-connected by road. You can drive or take a bus from nearby cities like Mangalore (105 kms) or Bangalore (280 kms).

Timings and Booking Procedure

Check-in Time: 12 PM
Check-out Time: 11 AM

Booking Procedure:

  • Online: Reservations can be made through various travel booking websites or the official website of Akshara Guest House.
  • Phone: You can call the guesthouse directly to make a booking.
  • Walk-In: Walk-ins are also accepted based on availability.

Rent and Facilities


  • Standard Room: INR 800 – 1200 per night
  • Deluxe Room: INR 1500 – 2000 per night


  • Clean Rooms: Well-maintained, spacious rooms with comfortable beds.
  • 24/7 Hot Water: Hot water supply available round the clock.
  • Parking: Ample parking space for guests.
  • Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi access in all rooms.
  • In-House Restaurant: Serving delicious vegetarian meals.
  • Room Service: Prompt and efficient room service.
  • Laundry Service: Available on request.

Rules and Regulations

  • Identity Proof: All guests must present valid ID proof at check-in.
  • No Smoking: Smoking is prohibited inside the rooms.
  • No Pets: Pets are not allowed.
  • Quiet Hours: Guests are requested to maintain silence from 10 PM to 6 AM.

Things to Know

  • Temple Proximity: The guesthouse is a short walk from the main temple, making it convenient for pilgrims.
  • Local Attractions: Besides the temple, explore nearby attractions like Kumaradhara River, Bisle Ghat, and more.
  • Best Time to Visit: October to February is ideal for visiting due to pleasant weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How far is Akshara Guest House from the main temple?

The guesthouse is approximately a 5-minute walk from the Kukke Subramanya Temple.

2. Can I book a room on arrival?

Yes, but it’s recommended to book in advance, especially during peak seasons.

3. Is there an in-house restaurant?

Yes, the guesthouse has a restaurant serving vegetarian meals.

4. Are there any medical facilities nearby?

Yes, there are hospitals and pharmacies within a short distance from the guesthouse.

5. Do they provide transportation services?

While the guesthouse does not offer transportation services, local taxis and auto-rickshaws are readily available.

Akshara Guest House in Kukke Subramanya ensures a comfortable and hassle-free stay for visitors. With its proximity to the temple, clean and affordable rooms, and excellent facilities, it’s an ideal choice for pilgrims and tourists alike. Plan your stay at Akshara Guest House to experience the spiritual essence of Kukke Subramanya.

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