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SRS Panchangam 2024-25: Navigating the Year Ahead with Ancient Wisdom

As the wheel of time turns towards the Kannada New Year, the SRS Panchangam 2024-25 emerges as a vital guide for millions seeking to align their lives with the cosmic rhythms. Compiled by the esteemed Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha in Mantralayam, this panchangam carries forward a tradition steeped in spirituality, astronomical precision, and cultural heritage.

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Understanding SRS Panchangam

Panchangam, or the Hindu almanac, is an ancient calendar system that integrates astronomical data with traditional Hindu timekeeping. The SRS Panchangam, specific to the followers of Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha and the broader Kannada-speaking community, meticulously outlines daily and monthly forecasts, auspicious dates, festival timings, and much more, based on lunar and solar movements.

A Glimpse into History

The tradition of crafting a panchangam dates back millennia, serving as a cornerstone for agricultural, religious, and social activities in Indian society. The Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha, with its deep-rooted spiritual lineage, has been releasing its version of the panchangam, adhering to rigorous astronomical calculations and Vedic principles. This practice underscores a commitment to preserving and disseminating ancient wisdom in a form that benefits contemporary society.

What’s Inside the SRS Panchangam 2024-25?

The SRS Panchangam for the year 2024-25 is rich with detailed astrological insights and practical guidance. Highlights include:

  • Daily tithi, nakshatra, yoga, and karana.
  • Auspicious timings (muhurtas) for various personal, spiritual, and business endeavors.
  • Detailed listings of festivals, fasts, and religious observances.
  • Zodiac predictions offering insights into health, prosperity, and relationships.
  • Special sections on eclipses, planetary transits, and their implications.

Significance and Utility

The SRS Panchangam is not merely a calendar but a navigational tool for life. It aids in selecting the most favorable times for major events, thus ensuring their success and harmony. Moreover, it fosters a deeper connection with nature’s cycles and the divine, enriching spiritual practice and daily living.

Accessibility and Cost

Embracing the digital era, the SRS Matha ensures that the panchangam is easily accessible to a global audience. While printed copies are available at a nominal cost, catering to traditional preferences, digital versions can be accessed online, often for free or at minimal charges.

How to Download the SRS Panchangam 2024-25?

To download the digital version of the SRS Panchangam, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Publications’ or ‘Panchangam’ section.
  3. Look for the 2024-25 edition and click on the download link.
  4. Ensure you have a PDF reader installed to view the document.

Things to Know

While the SRS Panchangam is a treasure trove of information, interpreting some of its aspects might require basic knowledge of Vedic astrology. Additionally, for personalized queries or complex decisions, consulting with a learned astrologer is recommended.


Q: Can the SRS Panchangam be used outside Karnataka? A: Absolutely. While tailored for the Kannada-speaking populace, its core astrological content is universally applicable across Hindu communities.

Q: Is there a cost involved in accessing the digital Panchangam? A: The digital version is often available for free or at a minimal price to cover operational costs. Check the official website for accurate information.

Q: How different is the SRS Panchangam from other panchangams? A: Each panchangam has its unique calculations and nuances based on the school of thought it follows. The SRS Panchangam is revered for its adherence to the teachings of Sri Raghavendra Swamy and its precise astronomical data.

As we embrace the new year, let the SRS Panchangam 2024-25 be your companion in aligning with the cosmos. Its timeless wisdom serves as a beacon, guiding us through life’s journey with grace, auspiciousness, and spiritual fulfillment.

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