Ontikoppal Panchangam 2024-25 PDF Access Online Download


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Ontikoppal Panchangam 2024-25: Your Guide to the Kannada New Year

As we approach the Kannada New Year, the anticipation for the Ontikoppal Panchangam 2024-25 grows among those who follow the lunar calendar. This revered almanac not only marks the beginning of the new year but also serves as an indispensable guide for auspicious dates and times throughout the year. Let’s delve into the essence, history, and significance of the Ontikoppal Panchangam, and how you can access it for the upcoming year.

Ontikoppal Panchangam 2024-25 PDF Access Online Download

What is Ontikoppal Panchangam?

Ontikoppal Panchangam is a comprehensive almanac that is highly regarded in the Kannada-speaking regions, especially around Mysore. It is meticulously compiled to include detailed astrological data, auspicious timings (muhurthas), festival dates, and predictions based on the lunar calendar. The Panchangam is an essential tool for Hindus to perform various rituals, festivities, and personal milestones according to the traditional Hindu calendar.

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Historical Significance

The tradition of creating and referring to a Panchangam dates back thousands of years in Indian history. The Ontikoppal Panchangam, named after the locality of Ontikoppal in Mysore, has gained prominence due to its accuracy and the scholarly expertise of its compilers. It embodies the rich cultural heritage and astrological knowledge passed down through generations.

Content Details

The Ontikoppal Panchangam for the year 2024-25, corresponding to the Krodhi Naama Samvatsara, encompasses a wide range of information including:

  • Daily tithi (lunar day), nakshatra (star), yogam, and karanam.
  • Auspicious and inauspicious timings of the day.
  • Detailed festival calendar and holidays.
  • Predictions for the year based on moon signs.
  • Guidelines for performing rituals and ceremonies.

Significance and Uses

The Panchangam is not just a calendar; it is a guide for living harmoniously with the cosmic rhythms. It helps individuals choose the right time for important events such as weddings, housewarmings, starting new businesses, and more. Moreover, it fosters a sense of community as people celebrate festivals and rituals on the same auspicious dates.

Cost and Online Access

Traditionally available in print, the Ontikoppal Panchangam has embraced technology, allowing for wider access. The digital version, often available as a PDF, makes it convenient for Kannadigas worldwide to download and refer to it. While the print version comes at a nominal cost, the digital format can sometimes be accessed for free or purchased online at a minimal price.

Free Download Procedure

To download the Ontikoppal Panchangam 2024-25, one can visit official websites or platforms that offer Hindu religious texts and calendars. The process typically involves searching for the specific year’s Panchangam and clicking on the download link provided. Ensure you’re accessing it from a reliable source to avoid incorrect or incomplete information.

Things to Know

The Panchangam is based on complex astronomical calculations; thus, consulting an experienced astrologer for interpretation is advisable for important decisions. Additionally, while digital versions offer convenience, the tactile experience and the tradition of marking festivals in a physical copy continue to hold sentimental value for many.


Q: Can I use the Panchangam if I’m not from Mysore? A: Absolutely. While it is region-specific, the fundamental astrological data apply broadly, making it useful for Kannadigas everywhere.

Q: Is it necessary to understand astrology to use the Panchangam? A: Not necessarily. The Panchangam includes straightforward listings of auspicious dates and times that can be followed without deep astrological knowledge.

Q: How accurate is the Ontikoppal Panchangam? A: It is highly regarded for its accuracy, thanks to the meticulous calculations and expertise of its compilers.

As we step into the Krodhi Naama Samvatsara, the Ontikoppal Panchangam 2024-25 stands as a beacon of tradition, guiding us through the ebbs and flows of life with its ancient wisdom. Embrace this timeless guide to navigate the year ahead with auspiciousness and prosperity.

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