Nemani Vari Panchangam 2024-2025 Krodhi PDF Online Telugu


Know the details about the Nemani Vari Panchangam 2024-2025 Krodhi PDF Online Telugu, Nemani Vari Panchangam 2024-2025 Krodhi PDF Download

Embracing Tradition Digitally: Accessing the Nemani Vari Panchangam 2024-25 PDF

In the digital era, accessing traditional texts and calendars such as the revered Nemani Vari Panchangam has become more convenient than ever. The Nemani Vari Panchangam for the year 2024-25 marks a significant edition, providing detailed astrological insights and auspicious timings (muhurthams) tailored to the Telugu-speaking populace. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to access, download, and understand the significance of this ancient almanac online, its cost, and other essential details.

Nemani Vari Panchangam 2024-2025 Krodhi PDF Online Telugu

About Nemani Vari Panchangam 2024-25

The Nemani Vari Panchangam is a celebrated Telugu astrological almanac that meticulously outlines the planetary positions, auspicious dates, festivals, and much more for the year. The 2024-25 edition is specially curated for the Sri Krodhi Nama Samvatsara and is authored by the esteemed astrologer Sri Nemani Somesham Sharma Garu. Published by Sri Saraswathi Jyothishalayam, this Panchangam is an indispensable guide for those seeking to align their lives with the celestial rhythms.

Accessing Online and Download Procedure

Gone are the days when one had to search high and low in bookstores for a copy of the Panchangam. The digital version of the Nemani Vari Panchangam 2024-25 can now be easily accessed and downloaded online. Here’s how:

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  1. Search for the PDF: A simple search for “Nemani Vari Panchangam 2024-25 PDF” should lead you to several sources offering the digital version. Websites like are known to house a collection of such invaluable texts.
  2. Choose a Reliable Source: Ensure that the source is reputable to avoid downloading incorrect or malicious files. Trusted websites often have reviews or ratings that can guide your choice.
  3. Download: Once you have found a reliable source, look for a download button or link. Clicking on it should initiate the download process, saving the PDF file to your device.
  4. Access: After downloading, you can open the file using any standard PDF reader on your computer, smartphone, or tablet for easy access anytime, anywhere.


The Nemani Vari Panchangam is not just a calendar but a spiritual and astrological guide that offers insights into favorable times for various activities and rituals. It plays a crucial role in planning important life events such as weddings, business ventures, and religious ceremonies, ensuring they are conducted at the most auspicious times.


The digital version of the Nemani Vari Panchangam 2024-25 can vary in price based on the platform. Some sites may offer it for free as a downloadable PDF, while others might charge a nominal fee to cover publication costs. The cost is typically modest, ensuring that the Panchangam remains accessible to a wide audience.

Things to Know

  • Language: The primary language of the Panchangam is Telugu, catering specifically to the linguistic preferences of its readers.
  • Device Compatibility: Ensure your device is compatible with PDF files. Most modern devices come equipped with a PDF reader, but there are numerous free options available for download if needed.


Q: Can I print the downloaded PDF? A: Yes, you are free to print the PDF for personal use, making it easier to refer to the Panchangam in a traditional format.

Q: Is it legal to download the Panchangam PDF? A: As long as you use reputable sources and the Panchangam is offered legally by the publisher, it is perfectly legal to download the PDF.

Q: Can I share the Panchangam PDF with others? A: Sharing the PDF is generally acceptable for personal and non-commercial use. However, respect the copyright policies provided by the publisher.

Q: Are there any specific software requirements to view the PDF? A: Any standard PDF reader should suffice. Adobe Acrobat Reader and Foxit Reader are popular choices that are freely available.

The Nemani Vari Panchangam 2024-25 offers an unparalleled glimpse into the future, guided by the wisdom of the stars and planets. By accessing it online, devotees and followers can continue the tradition of aligning their lives with the cosmic energy from the comfort of their digital devices.

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