Mulugu Gantala Panchangam 2024 Buy Online Krodhi Cost


Know the details about the Mulugu Gantala Panchangam 2024 Buy Online Krodhi Cost, Mulugu Gantala Panchangam 2024 Telugu Order Online

Embrace Tradition with Mulugu Gantala Panchangam 2024: Your Guide to Buying Online

In the realm of Indian astrology, the Panchangam holds a place of great reverence. It is not merely a calendar but a comprehensive almanac detailing auspicious dates, times, and astrological predictions for the year. The Mulugu Gantala Panchangam for the year 2024-2025 is one such guide that has garnered attention for its accuracy and depth in astrological insights. Here’s everything you need to know about purchasing this invaluable guide online, its cost, and the order process.

Mulugu Gantala Panchangam 2024 Buy Online Krodhi Cost

About Mulugu Gantala Panchangam 2024-2025

Curated by esteemed astrologers, the Mulugu Gantala Panchangam is an essential guide for anyone looking to align their activities with the celestial rhythms. The 2024-2025 edition, also known as the “Subhathidi Gantala Panchangam,” promises to be a treasure trove of information, covering everything from daily tithis and nakshatras to detailed predictions based on moon signs.

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This edition is particularly special as it marks the year of Sri Krodhi Naama Samvatsara, offering unique insights and forecasts tailored to this period. Whether you’re planning a wedding, commencing a new business, or simply curious about what the year holds, the Mulugu Panchangam is your go-to resource.


The cost of the Mulugu Gantala Panchangam 2024-2025 is set at an affordable price point, ensuring that it is accessible to a wide audience. While prices may vary slightly based on the seller, the standard edition typically ranges around 199 INR. Keep in mind that prices might fluctuate based on demand and availability, so it’s wise to purchase your copy sooner rather than later.

Order Process

Ordering your copy of the Mulugu Gantala Panchangam online is a straightforward process:

  1. Choose Your Seller: The Panchangam is available through various online platforms including Amazon and other specialized Indian bookstores. Select a seller based on your preference for delivery options and payment methods.
  2. Add to Cart: Once you’ve located the Panchangam, add it to your shopping cart.
  3. Checkout: Proceed to checkout, where you’ll be asked to provide your shipping details and select a payment method. Most sellers offer a range of options including credit/debit cards, net banking, and sometimes Cash on Delivery (COD).
  4. Confirmation: After completing your purchase, you’ll receive an order confirmation via email or SMS, along with an estimated delivery date.

Things to Know

  • Digital Editions: For those who prefer digital over print, keep an eye out for e-book versions of the Panchangam which may be available on certain platforms.
  • Language: The primary language of the Panchangam is Telugu. This is an important consideration for those who may not be proficient in the language.
  • Regional Variations: The Panchangam is tailored to the Telugu-speaking population and follows the lunar calendar specific to this region. Ensure this aligns with your requirements before purchasing.


Q: Can the Panchangam be shipped internationally? A: Yes, many sellers offer international shipping. However, shipping costs and delivery times will vary. Check with the individual seller for their policies.

Q: Are there any discounts available? A: Discounts and promotions may be offered by certain sellers during festive seasons or as part of special sales. It’s worth keeping an eye out for these deals.

Q: Is there a return policy? A: Return policies are determined by the individual seller. Always read the seller’s return policy before making a purchase.

Q: Can I gift the Panchangam to someone? A: Absolutely! The Mulugu Gantala Panchangam makes for a thoughtful and valuable gift. Most online platforms offer the option to ship directly to a different address than the billing address.

The Mulugu Gantala Panchangam 2024-2025 is more than just an astrological guide; it’s a companion through the year, offering wisdom and insight into the times ahead. With its easy availability online and affordable cost, securing your copy is simpler than ever. Embrace the wisdom of the stars and let the Panchangam guide you through the year of Sri Krodhi Naama Samvatsara.

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