Srikalahasti Temple Kalasarpa Dosha Pooja Online Booking

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Know the details about the Srikalahasti Temple Kalasarpa Dosha Pooja Online Booking, Srikalahasti Kalasarpa Dosha Pooja Booking Online Cost

Situated in the serene town of Srikalahasti, Andhra Pradesh, the Srikalahasti Temple holds a significant place in the hearts of countless devotees. Known for its unique architecture and spiritual ambiance, this temple is especially famous for conducting the Kalasarpa Dosha Pooja. This blog post provides an in-depth guide on the Kalasarpa Dosha Pooja at the Srikalahasti Temple, including details about the procedure, cost, timings, online booking, contact number, and frequently asked questions.

Srikalahasti Temple Kalasarpa Dosha Pooja Online Booking

What is Kalasarpa Dosha Pooja?

The Kalasarpa Dosha Pooja is a special ritual performed to mitigate the ill effects of the Kalasarpa Dosha, a particular condition in one’s horoscope where all the planets come between Rahu and Ketu. This dosha is believed to cause various complications in one’s life, such as delays in marriage, career stagnation, and health issues

Procedure of Kalasarpa Dosha Pooja

The Kalasarpa Dosha Pooja at Srikalahasti Temple is a meticulous ritual that requires around 30 to 40 minutes to complete.┬áThe pooja involves chanting specific mantras and performing rituals to appease Rahu and Ketu, thereby neutralizing the dosha’s negative effects. It’s considered best to perform this pooja during Rahu Kalam

Cost and Timings of the Pooja

The cost of the Kalasarpa Dosha Pooja varies depending on the type of seva or service chosen by the devotee. The pooja starts from Rs. 500, with other options available at Rs. 750 and Rs. 1500. The pooja can be performed anytime between 5:30 AM and 6:00 PM.

Online Booking and Contact Number

While the Srikalahasti Temple offers online booking for some of its services, the Kalasarpa Dosha Pooja tickets are typically bought directly at the temple counter. For more information or clarifications, devotees can contact the temple administration at their official phone number (to be obtained from the temple’s official website or local directories).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many people can participate in the Kalasarpa Dosha Pooja?

Typically, two members are allowed per ticket for the Kalasarpa Dosha Pooja.

2. Is there any dress code for the pooja?

There is no specific dress code for the pooja. However, it’s advisable to wear modest and traditional attire to respect the sanctity of the temple.

3. Can I perform the pooja on any day of the week?.

Yes, the Kalasarpa Dosha Pooja is performed every day at the Srikalahasti Temple

In conclusion, the Kalasarpa Dosha Pooja at the Srikalahasti Temple offers a spiritual remedy for those grappling with the challenges posed by the Kalasarpa Dosha in their horoscope. By understanding the pooja’s procedure, cost, timings, and other relevant details, you can participate in this sacred ritual with ease and devotion. May your visit to the Srikalahasti Temple and participation in the Kalasarpa Dosha Pooja bring peace, prosperity, and positivity into your life!

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