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Navaratri Pooja Vidhanam in Telugu: A Comprehensive Guide

Navaratri, one of the most important Hindu festivals, is celebrated over nine nights and ten days. This festival is dedicated to Goddess Durga, with each day venerating a different avatar of the Goddess. The ritualistic worship, known as Pooja Vidhanam, involves specific instructions, preparations, and procedures. This blog post will guide you through the Navaratri Pooja Vidhanam in Telugu, including the list of Pooja samagri (materials), mantras, and important instructions.

Navaratri Pooja Vidhanam In Telugu PDF Procedure Samagri

Pooja Instructions

While the customs and rituals may vary across communities, the core essence of Navaratri Pooja Vidhanam remains the same. It involves setting up a ‘Golu’ or display of dolls, performing daily prayers, and offering prasadam.


The preparation for Navaratri Pooja begins with cleaning the house and setting up the Golu. The Golu usually displays a collection of dolls that depict various scenes from Hindu mythology.

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Step-by-Step Procedure

  1. Kalasha Sthapana: On the first day of Navaratri, a Kalasha (a pot filled with water) is installed after invoking the blessings of Lord Ganesh. Grains are spread on a wooden plank, and the Kalasha is placed over it. The pot is filled with holy water and topped with betel or mango leaves. Finally, a coconut is placed on the top.
  2. Pooja Vidhi: The main Pooja Vidhi involves invoking the nine avatars of Goddess Durga and offering prayers to them. Typically, this includes chanting specific mantras, performing aarti, and offering prasadam.
  3. Prasadam: Each day of Navaratri has a specific prasadam associated with it. The prasadam is prepared with devotion and offered to the goddess.
  4. Visarjan: On the tenth day, which is called Vijayadasami, the Kalasha is ceremoniously immersed in a water body, signifying the conclusion of the festivities.

Pooja Samagri List

The list of samagri or materials required for Navaratri Pooja includes:

  • A Kalasha (pot)
  • Mango or betel leaves
  • Coconut
  • Red cloth
  • Akshata (rice grains mixed with turmeric)
  • Kumkum (vermillion)
  • Chandan (sandalwood powder)
  • Flowers
  • Fruits
  • Incense sticks
  • Deepam (lamp)
  • Naivedyam or Prasadam (food offering)
  • Ghee
  • Camphor


Mantras play a vital role in Navaratri Pooja Vidhanam. Each day of Navaratri is associated with a specific form of Goddess Durga and has a corresponding mantra. These mantras are recited during the Pooja to invoke the blessings of the goddess.

Important Instructions

  • Cleanliness is of utmost importance during Navaratri. Ensure that the Pooja area and the samagri are clean.
  • Begin the Pooja Vidhanam after taking a bath and wearing clean clothes.
  • The Pooja should be performed with complete devotion and a positive frame of mind.

Things to Know

  • Navaratri is celebrated in honor of Goddess Durga and her nine avatars.
  • Each day of Navaratri has a specific prasadam associated with it.
  • The tenth day of the festival, known as Vijayadasami, marks the victory of good over evil.


Q: What is the significance of Navaratri Pooja Vidhanam? A: Navaratri Pooja Vidhanam is a way to pay homage to Goddess Durga and seek her blessings. It involves various rituals that are believed to bring prosperity and happiness.

Q: Can I perform the Pooja Vidhanam without a priest? A: Yes, you can perform the Pooja Vidhanam at home without a priest. The important aspect is to do it with devotion and reverence.

In conclusion, Navaratri Pooja Vidhanam is a significant part of the festival that brings devotees closer to the divine. Whether you’re a novice or experienced, this guide will help you understand and perform the Pooja Vidhanam in the traditional way.

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