Gulika Kalam Meaning Timings Week Days Today Do’s Dont’s

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Know the details about the Gulika Kalam Meaning Timings Week Days Today Do’s Dont’s, Gulika Kalam Daily Meaning Details Things to Know and Follow

Gulika Kalam: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Its Timings, Significance, and Guidelines

In the realm of Vedic Astrology, every moment carries its unique significance. There are periods deemed auspicious, and then there are times considered less favorable. One such period that often comes under discussion in astrological circles is ‘Gulika Kalam.’ This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Gulika Kalam, its timings, importance, things to keep in mind, do’s and don’ts, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Gulika Kalam Meaning Timings Week Days Today Do’s Dont’s

What is Gulika Kalam?

Gulika Kalam, also known as ‘Gulikai,’ is a specific period during the day identified as inauspicious according to Vedic astrology. It is believed to be ruled by Gulika, a subsidiary of Saturn or Shani. This period is generally avoided for undertaking new ventures or initiating important tasks, as it’s thought to bring unfavorable results.

Gulika Kalam Timings

The timing of Gulika Kalam varies for each day of the week and is determined based on the sunrise and sunset times. Each day is divided into eight equal parts, and Gulika Kalam typically falls during a specific segment of each day. Here are the general timings for Gulika Kalam on different weekdays:

  • Sunday: 3rd segment (approximately 150 minutes after sunrise)
  • Monday: 2nd segment (approximately 75 minutes after sunrise)
  • Tuesday: 7th segment (approximately 450 minutes after sunrise)
  • Wednesday: 6th segment (approximately 375 minutes after sunrise)
  • Thursday: 5th segment (approximately 300 minutes after sunrise)
  • Friday: 4th segment (approximately 225 minutes after sunrise)
  • Saturday: 1st segment (approximately 0-75 minutes after sunrise)

Please note that these timings are approximate, and the exact time can vary depending on the location and time of the year. It is recommended to consult a reliable Panchangam or a qualified astrologer to obtain accurate timings.

Things to Know About Gulika Kalam

Here are some key points about Gulika Kalam:

  • Gulika Kalam is considered inauspicious, making it less preferable for initiating significant tasks
  • The duration of Gulika Kalam is approximately 90 minutes each day
  • The timing of Gulika Kalam varies each day of the week

Do’s and Don’ts During Gulika Kalam


  • Avoid starting any new venture or important work during Gulika Kalam
  • Refrain from conducting any significant ceremonies or rituals during this period


  • Check the daily Panchangam to determine the exact timing of Gulika Kalam
  • Consult an astrologer if you’re unsure about the implications of Gulika Kalam on your plans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does Gulika Kalam occur every day?

A: Yes, Gulika Kalam occurs daily, but the exact timing varies each day

Q: What should I avoid during Gulika Kalam?

A: It’s recommended to avoid starting any significant work, venture, or ceremony during Gulika Kalam

Q: How long does Gulika Kalam last?

A: Gulika Kalam lasts for approximately 90 minutes each day

In conclusion, understanding Gulika Kalam and its implications can play a crucial role in planning your activities according to Vedic astrology. By being aware of this period and scheduling your significant tasks outside of it, you can align yourself with the auspicious energies of the universe.

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