Varjyam Kalam Meaning Timings Week Days Today Do’s Dont’s

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Know the details about the Varjyam Kalam Meaning Timings Week Days Today Do’s Dont’s, Daily Varjyam Kalam Timings List for all Week Days Online

Varjyam: Understanding Its Timings, Significance, and Guidelines

In the world of Vedic astrology, timing is everything. There are auspicious times to commence activities, and there are inauspicious periods when it’s best to avoid starting new ventures. One such inauspicious period that often comes up in Hindu rituals and astrological discussions is Varjyam. This blog post aims to shed light on Varjyam, its timings, significance, do’s and don’ts, and frequently asked questions.

Varjyam Kalam Meaning Timings Week Days Today Do’s Dont’s

What is Varjyam?

Varjyam, also known as Nakshatra Thyajyam, is an inauspicious time of approximately 1 hour and 36 minutes every day. Derived from Vedic astrology, it is a time window during which no auspicious Muhurtam (auspicious time) is suggested. The term ‘Varjyam’ signifies a period to be avoided for initiating any significant work or ceremony.

Varjyam Timings

The exact timing of Varjyam varies each day, depending on the Nakshatra (constellation) ruling at that time. It can occur at any time of the day or night and is not restricted to specific weekdays.

For instance, if you refer to a Panchangam (Hindu calendar), you might find Varjyam starting at 12:00 Hrs in Revati Nakshatram, or between 04:33 PM to 06:13 PM on a specific date. It’s crucial to consult a reliable Panchangam or astrologer to confirm the precise timing of Varjyam for your location and date.

Things to Know About Varjyam

Here are some key points about Varjyam:

  • Varjyam is considered inauspicious, making it a less favorable time for initiating important tasks
  • It occurs daily but at different times
  • The duration of Varjyam is approximately 1 hour and 36 minutes

Do’s and Don’ts During Varjyam


  • Avoid starting any new venture or important work during Varjyam
  • Refrain from conducting any significant ceremonies or rituals during this period


  • Check the daily Panchangam to determine the exact timing of Varjyam
  • Consult an astrologer if you’re unsure about the implications of Varjyam on your plans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does Varjyam occur every day?

A: Yes, Varjyam occurs daily, but the exact timing varies each day

Q: What should I avoid during Varjyam?

A: It’s recommended to avoid starting any significant work, venture, or ceremony during Varjyam

Q: How long does Varjyam last?

A: Varjyam lasts for approximately 1 hour and 36 minutes

In conclusion, understanding Varjyam and its implications can play a crucial role in planning your activities according to Vedic astrology. By being aware of this period and scheduling your significant tasks outside of it, you can align yourself with the auspicious energies of the universe.

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