Yaganti Temple Darshan Guide Timings Entry Fee Online Booking

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Yaganti Temple Darshan Guide Timings, Entry Fee, Online Booking, Dress Code, Daily Pooja Schedule, How to Reach, Near By places, Stay

Welcome to the enchanting world of Yaganti Temple, a place where spirituality merges with nature’s beauty. Yaganti Temple is a renowned ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. 

In today’s blog, we will delve into the various aspects of Yaganti Temple, including its timings, entry fee, online booking options, dress code, daily pooja schedule, how to reach, nearby places to visit, and accommodation options. So, let’s embark on a divine journey to Yaganti Temple.

Yaganti Temple Darshan Guide Timings Entry Fee Online Booking

Yaganti Temple – An Overview

Yaganti Temple, also known as Sri Yagantiswamy Temple, holds immense historical and mythological significance. It is believed to have been constructed during the 15th and 16th centuries. The temple is nestled amidst the breathtaking Yerramala hills, creating a serene and picturesque ambiance for devotees and tourists alike. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple showcases remarkable architectural beauty and intricate carvings, making it a treat for art enthusiasts.

Historical Significance of Yaganti Temple

Yaganti Temple has a rich history that dates back to the ancient times. According to legends, Sage Agastya, a revered sage in Hindu mythology, installed the idol of Lord Shiva here. The temple also holds references in various scriptures, including the Skanda Purana and Brahma Purana. It is said that the great saint Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamy performed intense penance in Yaganti, which further enhanced the spiritual significance of the place.

Yaganti Temple Timings

To facilitate the devotees, Yaganti Temple operates with specific timings. The temple opens for devotees at 6:00 AM and remains accessible until 1:30 PM. After a brief closure in the afternoon, the temple reopens at 4:00 PM and welcomes visitors until 8:30 PM. These timings may vary on special occasions, festivals, and auspicious days, so it’s advisable to check the temple’s official website or contact the authorities for updated timings.

Yaganti Temple Entry Fee

Yaganti Temple embraces everyone who seeks divine blessings. Devotees from all walks of life can experience the spiritual aura of the temple without any financial barriers. This inclusivity adds to the charm of Yaganti Temple, attracting a multitude of devotees throughout the year.

Online Booking Options

In this digital age, Yaganti Temple provides online booking options for devotees’ convenience. One can book special poojas, sevas, and even accommodation through the official website of the temple. Online booking ensures a hassle-free experience and allows devotees to plan their visit in advance, especially during peak seasons and festivals.

Dress Code at Yaganti Temple

To maintain the sanctity and reverence of the temple, Yaganti Temple follows a specific dress code. Devotees are expected to dress modestly and respectfully while visiting the temple. Men are advised to wear dhoti or traditional attire, while women are recommended to wear sarees or salwar kameez. It is important to note that shorts, sleeveless tops, and revealing outfits are not allowed inside the temple premises. Adhering to the dress code ensures a harmonious and pious atmosphere within the temple.

Daily Pooja Schedule

At Yaganti Temple, a series of rituals and poojas take place throughout the day to honor Lord Shiva. The temple follows a daily pooja schedule that starts early in the morning. The rituals begin with Suprabhatam, the morning prayer, followed by Abhishekam, the ceremonial bathing of the deity. Devotees can witness various poojas and aratis performed with great devotion, creating an ambiance of spirituality and reverence.

How to Reach Yaganti Temple

Yaganti Temple is easily accessible by various modes of transportation. From the airport, one can hire a taxi or avail of bus services to reach Yaganti Temple. If you prefer traveling by train, the closest railway station is Nandyal, which is well-connected to major cities in India. From Nandyal, you can take a taxi or bus to reach the temple.

For those opting for road travel, Yaganti Temple is well-connected by a network of roads. The temple is located around 80 kilometers from Kurnool and can be reached via road within a couple of hours.

Nearby Places to Visit

Yaganti Temple is surrounded by natural and historical attractions that are worth exploring. Some of the nearby places to visit include:

Belum Caves: Located around 50 kilometers from Yaganti, Belum Caves is the second-largest cave system in the Indian subcontinent. It is a popular tourist spot known for its stalactite and stalagmite formations.

2. Ahobilam:Ahobilam, a holy shrine devoted to Lord Narasimha, is located around 100 kilometers from Yaganti. It’s said to be the spot where Lord Narasimha showed up to shield Prahlada, one of his devotees.

3. Oravakallu Rock Garden: Around 90 kilometers from Yaganti, the Oravakallu Rock Garden is a unique geological formation featuring massive rock formations, caves, and natural arches. It offers a picturesque setting for nature lovers and photographers.

Accommodation Options near Yaganti Temple

For devotees seeking accommodation near Yaganti Temple, there are several options available. The temple administration provides guesthouses and choultries where devotees can stay at affordable rates. Additionally, there are private hotels and lodges in nearby towns like Banaganapalli and Nandyal that offer comfortable accommodations for visitors. It is advisable to make advance bookings, especially during peak seasons and festivals, to ensure a convenient stay.

Important Festivals and Celebrations at Yaganti Temple

Yaganti Temple celebrates various festivals throughout the year, attracting a large number of devotees. Some of the important festivals observed at the temple include Maha Shivaratri, Ugadi, Karthika Masam, and Brahmotsavam. During Maha Shivaratri, the temple witnesses a grand celebration where devotees gather in large numbers to offer prayers to Lord Shiva. 

The festival of Ugadi marks the Telugu New Year and is celebrated with enthusiasm and traditional fervor. Karthika Masam, the auspicious month dedicated to Lord Shiva, is celebrated with special rituals and lighting of lamps. Brahmotsavam is a nine-day festival that showcases vibrant processions, cultural programs, and religious ceremonies, adding to the festive spirit of Yaganti Temple.

Tips for a Memorable Visit to Yaganti Temple

To ensure a fulfilling and memorable visit to Yaganti Temple, here are some useful tips:

  1. Plan your visit during weekdays or non-festival days to avoid large crowds.
  2. Follow the dress code and dress modestly while visiting the temple.
  3. Carry sufficient water and snacks, especially if you plan to explore the nearby attractions.
  4. Maintain silence and respect the religious sentiments of other devotees.
  5. Observe the temple rituals and participate in the poojas to experience the divine atmosphere.
  1. Capture the beautiful moments but remember to switch off your mobile phones and avoid using flash photography inside the temple.
  2. Seek guidance from the temple priests or authorities for any specific rituals or prayers you wish to perform.
  1. Finally, immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance and embrace the tranquility that Yaganti Temple offers.


Yaganti Temple stands as a testament to the rich cultural and religious heritage of India. Its serene location, ancient architecture, and spiritual significance make it a must-visit destination for devotees and tourists. From the enchanting rituals to the nearby attractions, Yaganti Temple offers a wholesome experience for those seeking spiritual solace and a glimpse into history. So, plan your visit, immerse yourself in the divine aura, and create cherished memories at Yaganti Temple.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: Are there any entry fees to visit Yaganti Temple? A: No, there are no entry fees to visit Yaganti Temple. It is open to all devotees without any charges.
  2. Q: Can I book poojas and sevas online? A: Yes, Yaganti Temple provides online booking options for various poojas, sevas, and even accommodation. Visit the official temple website for more information.
  3. Q: What is the dress code at Yaganti Temple? A: The temple follows a specific dress code. Men are advised to wear dhoti or traditional attire, while women are recommended to wear sarees or salwar kameez.
  4. Q: Are there any nearby attractions to visit along with Yaganti Temple? A: Yes, there are several nearby attractions such as Belum Caves, Ahobilam, Rollapadu Bird Sanctuary, and Oravakallu Rock Garden that are worth exploring.
  5. Q: Can I stay near Yaganti Temple? A: Yes, there are guesthouses, choultries, and private hotels available near Yaganti Temple for devotees to stay. It is advisable to make advance bookings.

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