Top 10 LIVE Darshan Mobile App List In India Temples Pooja


Know the details about the Top 10 LIVE Darshan Mobile App List In India Temples Pooja, LIVE Darshan Mobile App List In India Temples Seva Pooja

Embrace Spirituality with Live Darshan Mobile Apps in India

As technology continues to evolve, it’s bringing the divine closer to us. Now, you don’t need to physically visit a temple to seek blessings; you can do so from the comfort of your home. This blog post will guide you through some of the best live darshan mobile apps available in India.

Top 10 LIVE Darshan Mobile App List In India Temples Pooja

Live Darshan Indian Temples

The Live Darshan Indian Temples app is a comprehensive platform that provides live darshan from all Indian temples worldwide. The application offers live pooja and seva darshan, giving users a real-time spiritual experience.

i2i Live

i2i Live is another popular app that lets you watch live darshan, events, Aartis, and devotional content from famous temples across India. It aims to bridge devotees directly to God by offering live darshan from major temples.

Live Dev Darshan

The Live Dev Darshan app developed by Marathi Developers offers a direct video-streaming feed from cameras set up in various temples. Its simple user interface ensures a seamless user experience.

Shri Ambabai Live Darshan App

This app provides smartphone-savvy devotees with facilities to avail live darshan of the Mahalaxmi temple. It also includes photos of daily rituals, making it easier for devotees to feel connected to the divine.

Temple Live Darshan, Aartis, P

Temple Live Darshan, Aartis, P is an ever-growing platform that allows users to watch daily live darshan and poojas from temples across India.

Things to Know

Most of these apps not only stream live darshans but also enable users to contribute donations online. These platforms are user-friendly and easily accessible, making them a popular choice among devotees worldwide.


Q: Are these apps free? A: Yes, most of these apps are free to download and use. However, some might offer additional features at a certain cost.

Q: Can I use these apps outside India? A: Absolutely! These apps can be accessed from anywhere in the world, bringing you closer to the divine, no matter where you are.

Q: Can I make donations through these apps? A: Yes, many of these apps provide a feature for users to make donations directly through the app.

In conclusion, live darshan mobile apps have revolutionized the way we connect with the divine. They have made it possible for everyone to have a spiritual experience at their fingertips.

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