Tirupati Local Sightseeing Packages Tour By Car Booking Cost


Know the details about the Tirupati Local Sightseeing Packages Tour By Car Booking Cost, Tirupati Local Temples Tour Package Places List Booking

Explore Tirupati: Local Sightseeing Packages by Car

Tirupati, a city in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, is a spiritual center known for its ancient temples and rich cultural heritage. Many tourists opt for local sightseeing packages by car to explore the city comfortably and affordably. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the various Tirupati local sightseeing packages by car, their costs, places to visit, time taken, best providers, and essential things to know.

Tirupati Local Sightseeing Packages Tour By Car Booking Cost

Understanding the Packages

Tirupati local sightseeing packages by car are designed to provide a convenient and cost-effective way for tourists to explore the city. These packages typically include transport by an air-conditioned car, driver charges, fuel costs, and sometimes even toll and parking fees. The prices vary depending on the type of car (sedan, hatchback, or SUV), the number of people, and the duration of the package.

For instance, a one-day local sightseeing package with a four-seater hatchback like Indica could cost around Rs.2,499. A similar package with a sedan like Indigo might be priced at Rs.2,999. For larger groups, minivans like Innova are available, with packages starting from Rs.3,620.

Places to Visit

Tirupati is home to several iconic temples and attractions. The most popular among them is Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, attracting millions of devotees each year. Other significant sites include Govindaraja Swamy Temple, ISKCON Temple, and Srinivasa Mangapuram.

Nature enthusiasts would love the Thalakona Waterfalls and Kapeela Theertham. The Golden Temple in Vellore and Kanchipuram, known for its silk sarees and temples, are also common inclusions in the packages.

Time Taken

The duration of the tours can vary based on the package chosen and the number of places covered. A one-day local sightseeing package typically starts early in the morning and concludes by evening. However, multi-day packages are also available, offering a more leisurely pace and a chance to explore Tirupati and its surroundings in depth.

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Best Providers

Several providers offer Tirupati local sightseeing packages by car. Some of the notable ones include Taxi in Tirupati, Tirupati Trip, Tirupati Tour Packages, Universal Adventures, and Tirupati Sapthagiri Travels. These providers have been recognized for their reliable service, well-maintained vehicles, and knowledgeable drivers.

Things to Know

When booking a package, ensure that all costs are included in the price to avoid surprises later. Remember to check the itinerary and confirm whether the temples’ entry fees are included. Also, respect the local customs and traditions while visiting religious sites.


Q: Can the packages be customized? A: Yes, most providers offer customizable packages based on your preferences.

Q: Are guide services included in the package? A: This depends on the provider. Some may offer guide services at an additional cost.

Q: Is food included in the package? A: Typically, food is not included in the package. However, the driver can recommend local eateries.

In conclusion, Tirupati local sightseeing packages by car offer a convenient way to explore this spiritual city and its surroundings. With several options available, you can choose a package that best fits your budget and preferences.


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