Tirumala Darshan Ticket Counters Tirupati Timings Location


Know the details about the Tirumala Darshan Ticket Counters Tirupati Timings Location, Offline Darshan Ticket Counter Tirupati Today Timings Availability

Tirumala Darshan Ticket Counters in Tirupati: A Comprehensive Guide

Visiting the revered Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is a spiritual journey that millions of devotees undertake each year. However, obtaining darshan tickets can be a daunting task for many, especially for first-time visitors. This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with detailed information about Tirumala Darshan ticket counters in Tirupati, their locations, timings, tickets available, booking procedures, and more.

Tirumala Darshan Ticket Counters Tirupati Timings Location

Ticket Counters in Tirupati

Several ticket counters are strategically located across Tirupati to facilitate the purchase of darshan tickets for pilgrims. Here’s a quick rundown of some key counters:

  1. Vishnu Nivasam: With 22 counters, this is one of the largest ticket booking centers.
  2. Srinivasam: It houses 5 counters.
  3. Bhudevi Complex: This complex consists of 10 counters.
  4. RTC Bus Stand: There are 12 counters here, making it convenient for those who travel by bus.
  5. Tirupati Airport at Renigunta: Recently, a new counter has been opened for the convenience of air travelers.

Click Here for the Location Map of the Tirumala Darshan Ticket Counters Tirupati


The Seegra Darshan ticket counter opens at 8:00 am and closes by 5:00 pm daily. However, the timings of other counters may vary, so it’s advisable to check locally or on the official website.

Tickets Available

Various types of tickets are available at these counters:

  1. Seegra Darshan Tickets: These tickets, priced at Rs. 300/-, allow quick darshan for the pilgrims.
  2. Slotted Sarva Darshan (SSD) Tickets: These are free tickets distributed from SSD counters in Tirupati.
  3. Srivani Darshan Tickets: These tickets have been introduced recently and are available at specific counters.

Booking Procedure

The booking procedure is quite simple. Once you reach the counter, choose the type of darshan ticket you want to purchase. Make the payment (cash or card), and you will receive a token with a specific time slot for darshan5. Remember to reach the temple premises well ahead of your allotted time.

Things to Know

Before you head to the ticket counter, here are a few things to know:

  1. The number of tickets available per day for Seegra Darshan is limited to 500.
  2. Special Entry Darshan takes about two to three hours.
  3. Always carry a valid ID proof. This is mandatory for booking darshan tickets.
  4. Dress modestly as per the temple’s dress code while visiting the temple.


Q: What if darshan tickets are not available at the counter?

A: If tickets are not available at the counter, you can try booking them online on the official TTD website.

Q: Are there any counters outside Tirupati for booking darshan tickets?

A: Yes, TTD has established e-Darshan counters in various cities across India.

Q: Can I book tickets on the same day of darshan?

A: Yes, Seegra Darshan tickets and Slotted Sarva Darshan tickets can be booked on the same day.

Q: Is there a facility to book darshan tickets at Tirupati Airport?

A: Yes, a new counter has been opened at Tirupati Airport at Renigunta for the convenience of air travelers.

In conclusion, the TTD has made significant efforts to simplify the process of obtaining darshan tickets for devotees. By understanding the locations, timings, and procedures, you can ensure a smooth and spiritually fulfilling visit to the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple.


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