Tirumala Brahmotsavam 2023 Garuda Seva Date Timings Book

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Know the details about the Tirumala Brahmotsavam 2023 Garuda Seva Date Timings Book, TTD Tirumala Brahmotsavam 2023 Garuda Seva Schedule

Tirumala Brahmotsavam Garuda Seva 2023: An Ultimate Guide

Tirumala Brahmotsavam, celebrated in the sacred temple of Lord Venkateswara in Tirupati, is a grand spectacle that attracts millions of devotees every year. One of the most awaited events of this festival is the Garuda Seva, where Lord Venkateswara is taken out in a procession on Garuda, the divine eagle vehicle. In 2023, the Garuda Seva will be held on September 22nd and October 19th. This guide will provide you with all the necessary information about the Garuda Seva in 2023.

Tirumala Brahmotsavam 2023 Garuda Seva Date Timings Book


The exact timings for the Garuda Seva are usually announced closer to the festival. However, traditionally, it begins in the evening and continues late into the night. Devotees are advised to check the official Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) website for precise timings2.

Participating Procedure and Booking

Devotees can participate in the Garuda Seva by simply being present at the temple premises during the event. There is no ticket or booking required to attend the Garuda Seva. However, those who wish to have a special darshan of the Lord during the Brahmotsavam can book their tickets online through the official TTD website.

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Things to Know

  • The Garuda Seva is considered one of the most auspicious events of the Tirumala Brahmotsavam, attracting the largest crowd.
  • The deity, adorned with precious jewels, is taken out in a grand procession around the four streets surrounding the temple.
  • It’s believed that watching the Garuda Seva can bestow immense blessings and fulfill wishes.
  • Due to the large crowds, devotees are encouraged to follow the guidelines and instructions provided by the temple authorities for a smooth and safe darshan.


Q: What is the significance of Garuda Seva?

A: The Garuda Seva is considered highly auspicious. It is believed that Lord Venkateswara bestows his complete grace and blessings on devotees during this event.

Q: How can I participate in the Garuda Seva?

A: All devotees present at the temple during the Garuda Seva can participate. There is no ticket required for this event.

Q: Is there any special booking for darshan during Brahmotsavam?

A: Yes, special darshan tickets can be booked online through the official TTD website.

Tirumala Brahmotsavam’s Garuda Seva is a divine spectacle that leaves an indelible impression on every devotee. As we approach 2023, let’s prepare ourselves to partake in this grand celebration of faith and devotion.

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