Srivari Mettu Divya Darshan Tickets Booking Timings Tirumala

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Know the details about the Srivari Mettu Divya Darshan Tickets Booking Timings Tirumala, Srivari Mettu Divya Darshan Tokens Online Booking

A Comprehensive Guide to Tirumala Srivari Mettu Divya Darshan Tokens

Tirumala, an important pilgrimage site in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, is known for its sacred Sri Venkateswara Temple. One of the key routes to reach this temple is through Srivari Mettu. The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) offers Divya Darshan tokens for pilgrims who take this route. This blog post will guide you through the process of obtaining these tokens, their timings, and other essential information.

Srivari Mettu Divya Darshan Tickets Booking Timings Tirumala

What are Divya Darshan Tokens?

Divya Darshan tokens are special passes provided by TTD for devotees who trek to Tirumala through Srivari Mettu or Alipiri Mettu. These tokens ensure a quicker darshan of the deity and are distributed free of cost.

Token Timings

The Divya Darshan tokens are usually issued from 6 AM until the tokens for the day are exhausted. However, the timings can change based on the crowd, so it’s advisable to check the latest timings with local authorities or the TTD website.

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Booking Procedure Step by Step

  1. Arrival at Srivari Mettu Footpath: Arrive at the Srivari Mettu footpath. The footpath starts from Srinivasa Mangapuram, about 15 km from Tirupati.
  2. Token Counter: At the start of the footpath, there is a token counter where Divya Darshan tokens are issued.
  3. Biometric Details: Provide your biometric details (fingerprints) and get your photograph clicked at the counter. This is done to ensure that each pilgrim gets only one token.
  4. Token Issuance: After the verification, a token will be issued with a specific time slot for darshan. Keep this token safe as it is required for entry into the temple.
  5. Start Trekking: After procuring the token, start your trek towards the temple.

Importance of Divya Darshan Tokens

Divya Darshan tokens are significant as they ensure a hassle-free darshan for those who undertake the holy trek through Srivari Mettu. These tokens are particularly beneficial during peak seasons when the crowd is immense.

Things to Know

  1. Token Availability: Divya Darshan tokens are limited in number and are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  2. ID Proof: Carry an ID proof for obtaining the token.
  3. Dress Code: There is a dress code for entering the temple. Men should wear dhoti or pajama with an upper cloth or formal pants and shirts. Women should wear a saree or churidar with an upper cloth.

Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Keep the token safe as it’s essential for darshan.
  2. Follow the dress code prescribed by the TTD.
  3. Be patient and maintain decorum.


  1. Don’t lose your token; without it, you may not be allowed for darshan.
  2. Don’t try to obtain more than one token; biometric details are used to prevent this.


Can we get Divya Darshan tokens at any time?

Tokens are usually issued from 6 AM until the tokens for the day run out.

Are Divya Darshan tokens free?

Yes, Divya Darshan tokens are issued free of cost.

Is there a dress code for obtaining Divya Darshan tokens?

There’s no specific dress code for obtaining the tokens, but there is a dress code for entering the temple.

The journey to Tirumala is a spiritual and uplifting experience for every devotee. The Divya Darshan tokens offered by TTD make this journey smoother and more organized. This guide should provide you with all the necessary details about these tokens, making your pilgrimage to Tirumala a memorable one.


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