Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple Marriage Procedure


Know the details about the Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple Marriage Procedure, Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple Marriage Booking

A Comprehensive Guide to Marriages at Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple

The Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple, located on the banks of the Arani River, is a revered sanctuary known for its spiritual significance. It is also a popular venue for marriages due to its divine ambiance and spiritual blessings. This article offers a detailed guide on conducting a marriage at this holy abode.

Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple Marriage Procedure

Marriage Procedure at Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple

To perform a wedding at the Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple, the first step is to fix a date for the ceremony. Once the date is confirmed, the next steps include booking the temple, arranging the necessary rituals, and coordinating with the temple priests.

Rules for Marriage

The temple administration has set specific rules for conducting marriages. These include:

  • The couple should belong to the Hindu religion.
  • They must provide all necessary documents, including age proof and identity proof.
  • They should adhere to the temple’s dress code and conduct rules during the ceremony.

Cost of Marriage

The cost of conducting a marriage at the temple varies depending on the services chosen. It’s advisable to directly contact the temple administration for the most accurate cost information.

Online Booking

For the convenience of devotees, the temple offers an online booking facility for marriages. To book a marriage date, visit the official website of the Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple and follow the instructions provided.

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Offline Booking

For those who prefer offline booking, they can visit the temple directly and book their marriage dates at the counter.

Things to Know & FAQs

Things to Know:

  • The temple is quite popular for marriages, so it’s advisable to book well in advance.
  • The temple administration provides basic facilities for the marriage ceremony. However, any additional requirements need to be arranged by the couple or their families.


Q: Can I change the date of the marriage after booking?

A: Any changes or cancellations should be communicated to the temple administration at the earliest. It’s advisable to check with them about their specific policies regarding date changes.

Q: Do I need to arrange my own priest for the marriage?

A: The temple provides a priest for the marriage ceremony. However, if you wish to bring your own priest, it’s advisable to discuss this with the temple administration in advance.

Q: Can non-Hindus attend the marriage ceremony?

A: While the marriage ceremony is strictly for Hindus, non-Hindu guests can attend the event. They must respect the temple rules and customs.

In conclusion, the Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple offers an ideal setting for those looking to start their marital journey under divine blessings. With its serene environment and spiritual significance, it certainly adds a special touch to the sacred ceremony of marriage.

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