Nara Drishti Nivarana Remedies Powerful Chanting Mantra


Know the details about the Nara Drishti Nivarana Remedies Powerful Chanting Mantra, Nara Drishti Nivarana Remedies Mantra For Pooja

Unlocking Peace: Nara Drishti Nivarana Remedies

In the tapestry of Vedic traditions and beliefs, the concept of Nara Drishti, often referred to as the evil eye, holds a significant place. It is believed that negative energies and jealous glances can adversely affect one’s well-being, happiness, and prosperity. However, the ancient wisdom of India offers several remedies for Nara Drishti Nivarana (removal of the evil eye), blending spirituality with rituals to safeguard individuals and their homes from such unseen forces. This comprehensive guide delves into the essence of Nara Drishti, its impact, and effective remedies to counteract its effects.

Nara Drishti Nivarana Remedies Powerful Chanting Mantra

Understanding Nara Drishti

Nara Drishti, or the evil eye, is a malevolent glare cast upon an individual or property, often out of envy or ill-will, which can result in misfortune or harm. This concept is not unique to Indian culture; variations of it are found worldwide. The belief underscores the power of negative energy and its potential to disrupt life’s balance.

Chanting Mantras for Protection

One of the most potent tools against Nara Drishti is the chanting of specific mantras. These sacred utterances are believed to create a protective aura around the person or space, neutralizing negative influences. The “Naradrushti Nivarana Mantra” is particularly revered for its efficacy in warding off the evil eye. Chanting this mantra with devotion and focus can help cleanse the aura and shield against negativity.


  1. Begin by finding a quiet and clean space where you can sit comfortably without disturbances.
  2. Light a lamp or candle in front of the deity’s idol or image you worship.
  3. With closed eyes, take a few deep breaths to center your mind and body.
  4. Recite the Naradrushti Nivarana Mantra 108 times, focusing on the sound and vibration of the words
  5. Conclude the chanting by offering prayers and gratitude. Sit in silence for a few minutes to absorb the peaceful energies.

Ritualistic Remedies

Beyond mantras, there are ritualistic practices designed to remove Nara Drishti:

Lemon Ritual

  1. Procedure: Take a fresh lemon and rotate it clockwise over the person’s head (or your own) seven times, from head to toe.
  2. Final Step: Cut the lemon into four pieces and throw them away at a crossroad or any place away from your home.

This ritual is believed to absorb and eliminate negative energies directed towards the individual.

Saltwater Cleansing

Sprinkling salt water around the home is a simple yet effective remedy to dispel negative vibes and protect your living space from the evil eye.

  1. Procedure: Mix sea salt in water and sprinkle this solution at the entrance of your home and in all corners.
  2. Frequency: Doing this regularly, especially on Fridays, can help maintain a positive and harmonious atmosphere.

Alum, Hair Rope, and Copper Wire

A traditional remedy involves using alum (a natural mineral), a hair rope, and copper wire to neutralize the ill effects of Nara Drishti.

  1. Materials Needed: A piece of alum stone (1.250kg to 2kg), a 3-meter-long copper wire, and a 3-meter-long hair rope.
  2. Procedure: Hang the alum stone at the entrance of your home using the copper wire and hair rope. Replace the alum stone once it reduces in size, indicating absorption of negative energies.

Things to Know

  • Belief and Intent: The effectiveness of these remedies is deeply rooted in the belief and intent behind the rituals. Performing them with faith amplifies their power.
  • Preventive Measures: Alongside these remedies, leading a life aligned with positive thoughts, actions, and compassion towards others serves as a natural shield against Nara Drishti.
  • Cultural Respect: While adopting these practices, it’s essential to approach them with respect and openness towards the cultural context they originate from.


Q: How often should I perform these remedies? A: The frequency can vary based on personal needs and circumstances. Regular cleansing, like the saltwater ritual, can be done weekly, while mantra chanting can be a daily practice.

Q: Can these remedies protect my home and family? A: Yes, these remedies are designed to safeguard both individuals and spaces from negative energies. Tailor the practices to suit the needs of your home and family members.

Q: Are there any side effects to these practices? A: When performed with positive intent, there are no known adverse effects. These rituals are meant to enhance wellbeing and spiritual protection.

Q: Do I need a priest or expert to perform these remedies? A: While consulting a knowledgeable practitioner can provide guidance, most of these remedies can be performed individually, emphasizing personal faith and intention.

In conclusion, Nara Drishti Nivarana remedies embody the confluence of spirituality and tradition, offering solace and protection in the face of negativity. By integrating these practices into your life, you can fortify your spiritual wellbeing and nurture a harmonious existence.

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