Vaishno Devi Mandir Attka Aarti Timings Online Booking Cost


Know the details about the Vaishno Devi Mandir Attka Aarti Timings Online Booking Cost, Vaishno Devi Mandir Attka Aarti Timings Daily Booking

Experiencing the Divine: Attka Aarti at Vaishno Devi Mandir

In the serene abode of Goddess Vaishno Devi, nestled atop the Trikuta Mountains, the Attka Aarti stands out as a spiritual zenith for devotees. This special Aarti, an extended version of the daily prayers, allows worshippers a closer and more intimate experience with the divine. Here’s everything you need to know about participating in the Attka Aarti, from timings to dress code and online booking.

Vaishno Devi Mandir Attka Aarti Timings Online Booking Cost

About Attka Aarti

The Attka Aarti is an elaborate worship ceremony performed at the Vaishno Devi Mandir, offering devotees a unique opportunity to witness and partake in prolonged adoration of the Goddess. Unlike the regular Aarti, the Attka Aarti extends the devotional experience, involving more rituals, hymns, and offerings, creating an ambiance of heightened spirituality.


The Attka Aarti is conducted after the evening Aarti, once the regular darshan has concluded. The exact timing varies seasonally, based on the sunset hours, but it generally begins around 8:00 PM.

Online Booking Details

  1. Official Website: Ensure bookings are made through the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board’s official website to avoid scams.
  2. Advance Planning: Given its popularity and limited availability, it’s wise to book spots well in advance.
  3. Booking Steps: After registering or logging in on the website, select the Attka Aarti option, choose your date, fill in the requisite details, and complete the payment.
  4. Confirmation: Keep the email or SMS confirmation safe, as it will be your entry pass to the Aarti.

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The contribution for attending the Attka Aarti is determined by the Shrine Board, reflecting the exclusivity of the ceremony. Prices may vary, so consult the official website for the most current information.

Rules and Regulations

  • Identification: Carry a government-issued ID for verification, as required during booking and at the entrance.
  • Dress Code: Devotees should wear modest, conservative attire, respecting the sanctity of the temple premises.
  • Reporting Point: Attendees must arrive at the specified reporting point, mentioned in the booking confirmation, ahead of time.
  • Punctuality: To ensure a smooth flow of the ceremony, participants are urged to be on time.

Dress Code

A respectful dress code is encouraged, ideally traditional clothing. Men can opt for kurta-pajamas or formal attire, while women may wear sarees, salwar-kameez, or long skirts with tops.

Things to Know

  • Cancellations and Refunds: Familiarize yourself with the cancellation policy at the time of booking, as it may vary.
  • Photography: Capturing photos or videos during the Aarti might be restricted.
  • Children: There are no specific guidelines regarding children’s attendance, but it’s important to consider if they can adapt to the ceremony‚Äôs length and solemnity.


Q: How long does the Attka Aarti last? A: The Attka Aarti typically lasts for about 1-2 hours, depending on various factors including the number of attendees and specific rituals performed on that day.

Q: Can I attend the Attka Aarti without prior booking? A: Due to limited space and the special nature of the ceremony, prior booking is mandatory for attending the Attka Aarti.

Q: Is there a separate queue for Attka Aarti attendees? A: Yes, there is a dedicated queue for those who have booked to attend the Attka Aarti, ensuring a smoother and more organized darshan experience.

Q: Are there any age restrictions for attending the Attka Aarti? A: There are no explicit age restrictions, but due to the Aarti’s length and the need for quiet contemplation, it may not be suitable for very young children.

Attending the Attka Aarti at Vaishno Devi Mandir is a spiritually enriching experience that leaves a lasting imprint on the heart and soul. By following these guidelines, devotees can ensure a serene and memorable participation in this divine ceremony, drawing closer to the Goddess and her infinite grace.

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