Ugadi Panchangam 2024 To 2025 Telugu Adayam Vyayam Krodhi


Know the details about the Ugadi Panchangam 2024 To 2025 Telugu Adayam Vyayam Krodhi, Telugu Adayam Vyayam Results for All Signs 2024 Ugadi

Telugu Rasi Phalalu 2024 to 2025: A Deep Dive into Aadayam Vyayam

As the Telugu New Year, Sri Krodhi Nama Samvatsaram, commences on April 9, 2024, the anticipation for the annual Rasi Phalalu (astrological predictions) grows among the Telugu-speaking populace. Among these predictions, Aadayam (Income) and Vyayam (Expenditure) hold a special place, offering insights into the financial prospects for each zodiac sign. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of Aadayam Vyayam for all signs for the year 2024 to 2025, helping you navigate through the financial tides of the upcoming year.

Ugadi Panchangam 2024 To 2025 Telugu Adayam Vyayam Krodhi

Understanding Aadayam Vyayam in Astrology

In Vedic astrology, Aadayam (Income) and Vyayam (Expenditure) predictions are crucial components that offer a glimpse into an individual’s financial health and monetary transactions for the year. These predictions help in planning finances better, making informed decisions regarding investments, savings, and expenditures.

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Aadayam Vyayam for All Signs (2024 to 2025)

Mesha (Aries): A promising year with potential increases in income through new ventures and opportunities. However, a cautious approach towards investment is advised to manage unexpected expenses.

Vrishabha (Taurus): Stability in earnings is predicted, with a steady flow of income. Expenditures might rise due to family or home-related matters. Saving for the future is recommended.

Mithuna (Gemini): A mixed bag with fluctuating income levels, but innovative ideas can pave the way for additional sources. Budgeting becomes key to balancing out higher expenditures.

Karkataka (Cancer): Financial growth through career advancement is on the cards. Wise investments will pay off, though managing household expenses requires attention.

Simha (Leo): A lucrative year with potential financial gains from various sources. Expenditures will be high but manageable. Investing in long-term assets is favored.

Kanya (Virgo): Consistent income flow is expected, along with beneficial returns from past investments. Vigilance in spending is necessary to avoid financial strain.

Tula (Libra): Increment in earnings through professional success. Lifestyle upgrades may lead to increased spending, so maintaining a balance is crucial.

Vrischika (Scorpio): An average year financially. Unforeseen expenses could disrupt the budget. Planning and saving are essential to navigate through the year smoothly.

Dhanu (Sagittarius): Financial stability is foreseen, with chances of inheritance or windfalls. However, impulsive buying could lead to unnecessary expenditure.

Makara (Capricorn): A favorable year with potential career growth and increased income. Controlled spending and wise investments are advised.

Kumbha (Aquarius): Creative endeavors may boost income. Unexpected expenses related to travel or education might arise, so prepare accordingly.

Meena (Pisces): A good year for financial gains through promotions or new projects. Health-related expenses might increase, emphasizing the need for a health fund.

Things to Know

  • Personalized Predictions: For more accurate financial planning, consider consulting an astrologer for personalized readings based on your birth chart.
  • Financial Discipline: Regardless of the predictions, practicing financial discipline by budgeting, saving, and investing wisely is key to managing wealth.
  • Astrological Remedies: Engaging in charitable acts, and adopting specific astrological remedies can help mitigate negative financial trends.


Q: How reliable are Aadayam Vyayam predictions? A: These predictions provide a general outlook based on lunar positions and should be used as a guideline alongside personal discretion.

Q: Can I improve my financial situation despite a negative prediction? A: Yes, through diligent financial planning, wise investment choices, and hard work, you can positively influence your financial destiny.

Q: Where can I find detailed Rasi Phalalu for 2024 to 2025? A: Detailed Rasi Phalalu are available on various platforms, including YouTube channels dedicated to astrology, astrological websites, and mobile apps.

As we welcome the Sri Krodhi Nama Samvatsaram, let the insights from the Aadayam Vyayam predictions for 2024 to 2025 guide you towards prudent financial decisions. May this year bring prosperity, stability, and abundance to your life.

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