Tirupati Dharamshala Near Railway Station Booking Process


Know the details about the Tirupati Dharamshala Near Railway Station Booking Process, Tirupati Dharamshala Near Railway Station Location Timings

Guide to Dharamshalas Near Tirupati Railway Station


Tirupati, located in Andhra Pradesh, is a famous pilgrimage destination known for the Venkateswara Temple. For devotees visiting Tirupati, finding affordable and comfortable accommodation near the railway station is crucial. Dharamshalas (guest houses) cater to these needs, offering budget-friendly lodging with essential amenities. This article provides detailed information about some popular dharamshalas near Tirupati railway station, including location, booking procedures, facilities, timings, and more.

Tirupati Dharamshala Near Railway Station Booking Process


Several dharamshalas are conveniently located near Tirupati railway station, making them easily accessible for travelers:

  • Sri Govindaraja Swamy Satram: Approximately 1 km from Tirupati railway station.
  • TTD Srinivasam Complex: Located around 500 meters from the railway station.
  • Sri Vari Bhavan: Situated about 700 meters from the railway station.

Booking Procedure

Step-by-Step Booking Process

  1. Visit the Official Website
    • Go to the official website of the respective dharamshala or TTD accommodation services.
  2. Select ‘Accommodation Booking’
    • Find and click on the ‘Accommodation Booking’ option on the webpage.
  3. Choose Date and Room Type
    • Select your preferred date of stay and the type of room you require (AC/Non-AC).
  4. Enter Personal Details
    • Fill in your name, contact number, email address, and ID proof details.
  5. Make Payment
    • Complete the payment using a credit/debit card or net banking.
  6. Receive Confirmation
    • You will receive a confirmation email with your booking details. Print or save this for check-in.


Dharamshalas near Tirupati railway station offer various facilities to ensure a comfortable stay:

  • Affordable Rooms: Both AC and Non-AC rooms are available at reasonable rates.
  • Clean and Hygienic Environment: Regular housekeeping ensures cleanliness.
  • 24-Hour Security: The premises are monitored for safety.
  • Basic Amenities: Includes bedding, attached bathrooms, hot water, and drinking water.
  • Canteen Services: Some dharamshalas have in-house canteens serving vegetarian meals.
  • Parking: Parking space for vehicles is available.


Most dharamshalas operate 24 hours a day, providing round-the-clock check-in and check-out services. However, it is advisable to check specific timings for meal services and room availability.

About Tirupati Dharamshalas

Dharamshalas in Tirupati offer budget-friendly accommodation options for pilgrims and tourists. Managed by various trusts and organizations, these guest houses ensure a comfortable stay with essential amenities. Their proximity to the railway station makes them a convenient choice for visitors.

Things to Know

  • Advance Booking: It is recommended to book your room in advance, especially during peak seasons and festivals.
  • ID Proof: Carry a valid ID proof for verification during check-in.
  • Check-in/Check-out Time: Confirm the standard check-in and check-out times while booking.
  • Rules and Regulations: Follow the dharamshala’s rules regarding cleanliness, noise levels, and usage of facilities.


How far are the dharamshalas from Tirupati railway station?

Most dharamshalas are within 1 km of Tirupati railway station, making them easily accessible.

Can I book a room in advance?

Yes, you can book rooms in advance through the official websites of the respective dharamshalas or TTD accommodation services.

What types of rooms are available in dharamshalas?

Both AC and Non-AC rooms are available to suit different budgets and preferences.

Are meals provided in the dharamshalas?

Some dharamshalas have in-house canteens that serve vegetarian meals. Check with the specific dharamshala for meal services.

Is there parking available at the dharamshalas?

Yes, many dharamshalas provide parking facilities for vehicles.

What facilities are offered in the rooms?

Rooms typically include bedding, attached bathrooms, hot water, and drinking water. Additional amenities may vary.

Is 24-hour check-in/check-out available?

Most dharamshalas offer 24-hour check-in/check-out services. It’s best to confirm specific timings during booking.

What documents are required for check-in?

Carry a valid ID proof such as an Aadhaar card, passport, or driving license for check-in verification.

Are dharamshalas safe for staying with family?

Yes, dharamshalas maintain high standards of safety and security, making them suitable for families.


Staying at a dharamshala near Tirupati railway station offers an affordable and convenient accommodation option for pilgrims and tourists. With comfortable facilities and easy accessibility, these guest houses ensure a pleasant stay for all visitors. Plan your trip in advance and enjoy a hassle-free experience at Tirupati.

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