Tirumala TTD Melchat Vastram Seva Booking Procedure Cost


Know the details about the Tirumala TTD Melchat Vastram Seva Booking Procedure Cost, Tirumala Melchat Vastram Seva Eligibility Booking Process

Tirumala Melchat Vastram Seva: A Comprehensive Guide

Tirumala, the abode of Lord Venkateswara, is a spiritual haven that attracts millions of devotees from around the world. Among the various offerings and rituals performed at the temple, the Vastralankara Seva or Melchat Vastram Seva holds a special place. This article provides a comprehensive guide to this unique ritual.

Tirumala TTD Melchat Vastram Seva Booking Procedure Cost

The Story Behind Vastralankara Seva

Introduced in 1984 during the Golden Jubilee Year of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD), the Vastralankara Seva involves presenting a set of clothes to the main deity, Lord Venkateswara. The service symbolizes respect and devotion towards the deity.

The Procedure and Timings

The Vastralankara Seva is conducted every Friday immediately after the Abhishekam. The main deity is adorned with a new Melchat (a type of traditional cloth) and Uttareeyam (upper cloth) set presented by a couple who have obtained the seva ticket.

Ticket Cost and Booking Procedures

The ticket for the Vastralankara Seva costs Rs. 12,250, and a maximum of two people are allowed per ticket. Tickets can be booked both online and offline.

For online booking, visit the official TTD website or authorized partner websites. Select the ‘Seva’ option, choose ‘Vastralankara Seva,’ and follow the prompts for payment and confirmation.

For offline booking, tickets can be purchased from the TTD administrative office or from designated TTD counters across the country. It’s advisable to book well in advance due to high demand.

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Reporting Point and Prasadam

The reporting time for the seva is 3 am, and the reporting venue is VQC I. After the seva, devotees are usually offered prasadam (sacred food) as a token of divine blessings.

Dress Code

Devotees participating in the seva should adhere to a traditional dress code. Men are required to wear a dhoti or lungi with an upper cloth, while women should wear a saree or salwar kameez.

Things to Know

This seva is one of the costliest and most sought-after services due to the unique opportunity it offers for devotees to present offerings directly to the deity.

In a recent case, a consumer court ordered TTD to pay a fine of Rs 50 lakh for delay in serving a devotee who had booked for the Vastralankara Seva. This highlights the importance of timely service and the high expectations of devotees who participate in such rituals.


Q: Can I book the Vastralankara Seva on any day of the week?

A: No, the Vastralankara Seva is conducted only on Fridays.

Q: Is there a refund policy for the seva ticket?

A: The refund policy varies and it’s advisable to check the terms and conditions at the time of booking.

Q: How much time does the seva take?

A: The duration of the seva can vary, but generally, it takes a few hours, including the waiting time.

The Vastralankara Seva at Tirumala offers an enriching and divine experience for devotees. It’s not just about the ritual itself, but also the profound sense of connection and devotion that one experiences during the seva.


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