Tirumala Sankara Mutt Rooms Online Booking Phone Number


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Tirumala Sankara Mutt: A Comprehensive Guide

The divine town of Tirumala, renowned for the sacred temple of Lord Venkateswara, is also home to several mutts that provide accommodation and spiritual guidance to the millions of pilgrims who visit each year. One such significant institution is the Sankara Mutt. This blog post will offer an in-depth look into Tirumala’s Sankara Mutt, its rooms, online booking process, location, rules, and more.

Tirumala Sankara Mutt Rooms Online Booking Phone Number

About Tirumala Sankara Mutt

The Sankara Mutt, named after the great Hindu philosopher Adi Shankara, is one of the most well-known mutts in Tirumala. The Mutt serves as a spiritual hub for devotees, offering them a peaceful environment to meditate and connect with the divine.

Rooms at Sankara Mutt

Sankara Mutt provides clean and comfortable rooms for pilgrims seeking accommodation in Tirumala. The rooms are equipped with basic amenities, ensuring a pleasant stay for the visitors

Online Booking

For the convenience of the pilgrims, Sankara Mutt offers an online booking facility. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to book rooms online:

  1. Visit the official website or the relevant religious service platform.
  2. Navigate to the accommodation or booking section.
  3. Select the desired dates and number of rooms.
  4. Fill in the necessary details.
  5. Complete the payment process to confirm the booking

Click here to Tirumala Sankara Mutt Rooms Online Booking


Sankara Mutt is conveniently located near the Srivari temple in Tirumala, making it accessible for pilgrims visiting the main temple

Rent and Rules

The rent for rooms at Sankara Mutt is reasonable, catering to the needs of all devotees. As for the rules, visitors are expected to maintain silence and decorum within the Mutt premises. Consumption of alcohol, non-vegetarian food, and smoking are strictly prohibited

Contact Information

For any queries or information, pilgrims can reach out to Sankara Mutt at +91 877 2279345

Things to Know

  1. It’s advisable to book rooms in advance due to high demand.
  2. Ensure to carry a printout of the booking confirmation during your visit.
  3. Follow all the rules and guidelines set by the Mutt authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Sankara Mutt? Sankara Mutt is a well-known Mutt in Tirumala that provides accommodation and spiritual guidance to pilgrims.

2. How can I book rooms at Sankara Mutt? Rooms at Sankara Mutt can be booked online through their official website or relevant religious service platforms.

3. Where is Sankara Mutt located? Sankara Mutt is located near the Srivari temple in Tirumala.

In conclusion, Sankara Mutt in Tirumala offers a serene environment for devotees to stay and immerse themselves in spiritual activities. Its convenient location, comfortable rooms, and the ease of online booking make it a popular choice among pilgrims visiting the holy town of Tirumala.

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