Tirumala Ekantha Seva Timings Ticket Online Booking Cost


Know the details about the Tirumala Ekantha Seva Timings Ticket Online Booking Cost, TTD Tirumala Daily Ekantha Seva Booking Procedure

Tirumala Ekantha Seva: A Detailed Guide

Tirumala Temple, located in the sacred hill town of Tirupati, is a beacon of spiritual enlightenment for millions of devotees worldwide. Among the many rituals performed at this temple, Ekantha Seva holds a special place. This unique ritual provides devotees an intimate connection with Lord Venkateswara. This comprehensive guide will delve into the meaning, story, procedure, timings, booking process, ticket cost, and significance of Ekantha Seva.

Tirumala Ekantha Seva Timings Ticket Online Booking Cost

What is Ekantha Seva?

Ekantha Seva, also known as Panupu Seva or Pavalimpu Seva, is the last ritual among the daily sevas performed at the Tirumala Temple. The term ‘Ekantha’ means ‘alone with family’. During Ekantha Seva, Lord Venkateswara is given a formal ritual and offered fruits and warm milk as a last food offering.

The Story Behind Ekantha Seva

The Ekantha Seva is performed as a descendant of Saint Poet Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya sings lullabies to put the Lord to celestial sleep. This ritual signifies the end of the day’s ceremonies and prepares the deity for rest. It is also known as Rathri pooja as it is done in the night.

Pooja Procedure and Timings

The Ekantha Seva happens around 01:00 to 01:30 AM. However, it is performed at 10.30 p.m. every day subject to rush. The ritual lasts for 45 minutes. A velvet bed is spread on a ceremonial platform, where the idol of the Lord is gently laid to rest.

Booking Procedure

Both online and offline booking options are available for Ekantha Seva.

Online Booking:

You can book tickets online through the official website of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD). It’s recommended to book your tickets well in advance due to the high demand.

Click Here to Book for the Tirumala Ekantha Seva Online Booking

Offline Booking:

For offline booking, you can visit the temple’s ticket counter. However, availability is subject to rush and it’s advised to check the availability beforehand.

Ticket Cost and Reporting Place

The cost of the ticket for Ekantha Seva is Rs. 100/- per head. The reporting place for this ritual is inside the temple premises.

Waiting Time and Benefits

The waiting time for Ekantha Seva can vary depending on the rush. As for the benefits, devotees believe that participating in this ritual brings peace, prosperity, and divine blessings from Lord Venkateswara.


After the completion of the Ekantha Seva, prasadam is distributed among the devotees. The prasadam usually includes sacred food offerings made to the deity.

Rules and Significance

Devotees participating in Ekantha Seva must adhere to the rules and guidelines set by the TTD. Proper dress code is required for both men and women. The importance of Ekantha Seva lies in its symbolic representation of putting the Lord to sleep. It provides a serene, intimate experience for the devotees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I book tickets for Ekantha Seva on the same day?

A: Due to high demand, it’s recommended to book your tickets well in advance. Same-day booking may not be available.

Q: Is there any age limit to participate in Ekantha Seva?

A: No, there is no specific age limit mentioned. However, it’s advised to check with the temple authorities for any restrictions.

Q: What is the dress code for Ekantha Seva?

A: Men are required to wear dhoti or pyjama with upper cloth, while women should wear a saree or churidar with an upper cloth.

In conclusion, Ekantha Seva at Tirumala Temple is a unique and serene ritual that provides devotees a deeper connection with Lord Venkateswara. By understanding its significance and following the procedures correctly, one can fully experience the divine blessings of this ritual.


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