Tirumala Darshan For Pregnant Ladies TTD Booking Procedure


Know the details about the Tirumala Darshan For Pregnant Ladies TTD Booking Procedure, Tirumala Temple Special Darshan for Pregnant Ladies

Tirumala Darshan for Pregnant Ladies: A Comprehensive Guide

Embarking on a spiritual journey to Tirumala while expecting a baby can be an enriching experience, but it also requires careful planning and consideration. This guide provides all the necessary information about Tirumala Darshan for pregnant ladies.

Tirumala Darshan For Pregnant Ladies TTD Booking Procedure

Status and Waiting Time

As per the sources, there is no specific darshan privilege for pregnant women. However, to ensure a comfortable darshan experience, certain temples have introduced a separate queue for senior citizens, pregnant women, and persons with infants.

The waiting time for darshan may vary depending on the crowd. It’s advisable to plan your visit accordingly and allow for extra time due to possible delays.


The Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is open for darshan from early morning till late night. However, it’s recommended for pregnant women to visit during off-peak hours to avoid heavy crowds.

Online Booking Procedure

You can book your darshan tickets online through the official TTD Online Booking portal. Simply select ‘Darshan,’ choose your preferred date and time, and proceed to payment. You will receive a confirmation email upon successful booking.

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Offline Booking Procedure

For those who prefer making their bookings offline, you can visit the Central Reception Office (CRO) in Tirumala and book your darshan directly.


The temple authorities strive to provide a comfortable and safe environment for all devotees. For pregnant ladies, facilities such as clean restrooms, drinking water, and medical help are readily available. However, it’s important to note that the temple doesn’t recommend darshan for pregnant women due to the physical exertion involved.

Things to Know

While pregnant ladies are always welcome in Tirumala, it’s essential to consider your health and well-being. The temple authorities advise against visiting the temple after the 7th month of pregnancy. It’s also recommended to avoid hill travel during pregnancy.


Is it safe for pregnant women to visit Tirumala? Yes, it is safe for pregnant women to visit Tirumala, provided they are in good health and not in the later stages of pregnancy

Do pregnant women get any special privileges for darshan at Tirumala? Currently, there are no special privileges for pregnant women for darshan at Tirumala1. However, some temples offer a separate queue for pregnant women to facilitate easy darshan.

In conclusion, while Tirumala welcomes all devotees, pregnant women are advised to consider their health and comfort before planning their visit. By following the guidelines and making necessary arrangements, you can have a peaceful and fulfilling darshan experience.


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