Tirumala Arjitha Brahmotsavam Seva Online Booking Timings


Know the details about the Tirumala Arjitha Brahmotsavam Seva Online Booking Timings, TTD Arjitha Brahmotsavam Seva Ticket Cost Booking

Everything You Need to Know About Tirumala Arjitha Brahmotsavam Seva

Tirumala Arjitha Brahmotsavam Seva is a significant religious ceremony conducted at the Tirumala Temple in Andhra Pradesh, India. This elaborate article will provide you with all necessary details about the seva, its meaning, story, pooja and darshan procedures, timings, booking processes, and more.

Tirumala Arjitha Brahmotsavam Seva Online Booking Timings

Meaning of Arjitha Brahmotsavam Seva

Arjitham means Darshan or Seva (worship) to the Lord on payment of a fee as fixed by the Temple Management. Arjitha Brahmotsavam is an abridged version of the grand Brahmotsavam event, performed daily2. It’s a popular choice among pilgrims who desire a relatively quick seva followed by Darshan.

The Story Behind Arjitha Brahmotsavam Seva

The Brahmotsavam is believed to have been first performed by Lord Brahma himself, hence the name ‘Brahmotsavam,’ which means ‘Brahma’s Utsavam or festival.’ The event commemorates the occasion when Brahma worshipped Lord Vishnu on the banks of the holy river Pushkarini in Tirupati.

Pooja and Darshan Procedures

Arjitha Brahmotsavam is performed in the Vaibhavotsava Mantapam, where the vahanams (vehicles of the lord) are kept throughout the year. The seva includes a procession of the deities around the temple on various vahanams, accompanied by the chanting of hymns and mantras.

After the completion of the seva, devotees are allowed for Darshan, where they can see and offer their prayers to the deity. It’s considered a quick seva, making it a popular choice among devotees.

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Arjitha Brahmotsavam is performed once a day. The reporting time is 1.30 pm, and the seva commences at 2.00 pm.

Booking Process

Tickets for Arjitha Brahmotsavam Seva can be booked both online and offline. Online bookings can be made through the official TTD website. For offline bookings, tickets are available at the temple counter, subject to availability.

Ticket Cost and Reporting Place

The ticket cost for the seva varies and can be checked on the official TTD website. The reporting place for this seva is the Vaibhavotsava Mantapam.

Waiting Time and Benefits

The waiting time depends on the crowd on the particular day. Devotees believe that participating in the Arjitha Brahmotsavam Seva bestows blessings and prosperity.

Prasadam and Rules

After the completion of the seva, prasadam (a religious offering) is distributed to the devotees. As for rules, devotees are expected to adhere to traditional dress codes and maintain decorum within the temple premises.


The Tirumala Brahmotsavam is a significant annual festival celebrated with great fervor. The daily Arjitha Brahmotsavam allows devotees to experience the grandeur of the festival throughout the year.

Things to Know

It is recommended to book your tickets well in advance due to the high demand for this seva. Also, ensure to reach the reporting place at the specified time to avoid any inconvenience.


Questions often arise about the booking process, dress code, and allowed items in the temple. It’s best to refer to the official TTD website or contact the temple authorities for accurate information.

In conclusion, the Tirumala Arjitha Brahmotsavam Seva is a unique spiritual experience that attracts millions of devotees each year. Its religious significance and the divine experience it offers make it one of the must-attend events at the Tirumala Temple.


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