Telangana Bathukamma Songs List Lyrics Complete Telugu State


Know the details about the Telangana Bathukamma Songs List Lyrics Complete Telugu State, Telangana Bathukamma All Songs List Lyrics

Bathukamma Songs: Celebrating the Spirit of Telangana

Bathukamma, a vibrant floral festival celebrated in Telangana, is a symbol of the state’s rich cultural heritage. The festival derives its name from “Bathuku” meaning life, and “Amma” meaning mother, symbolizing the goddess revered during the festivities. A significant part of this celebration is the singing of traditional Bathukamma songs, which encapsulate the joy, devotion, and spirit of the people.

Telangana Bathukamma Songs List Lyrics Complete Telugu State

About Bathukamma Songs

Bathukamma songs are folk songs sung by women as they gather around the beautifully arranged flower stacks. These songs narrate tales of devotion, nature, and the divine, creating an atmosphere of communal harmony and joy. The lyrics often praise gods and goddesses, recount legends, and express the beauty of nature.

Popular Bathukamma Songs

1. Bathukamma Bathukamma Uyyalo

This song is a harmonious invocation to the goddess Bathukamma, seeking her blessings.


Bathukamma Bathukamma Uyyalo
Bangaru Bathukamma Uyyalo
Chandamama Raavayya Choopulu Choodavayya
Bathukamma Bathukamma Uyyalo

2. Pachha Puvvu Pandiri

A song that celebrates the greenery and the abundance of flowers during the Bathukamma festival.


Pachha Puvvu Pandiri Bathukamma
Neeli Meghalu Vanalila Bathukamma
Siri Malli Siri Malle Bathukamma
Challani Vennela Vaana Bathukamma

3. Gauramma Gauramma

This song is dedicated to Goddess Gauri, seeking her protection and blessings for a prosperous life.


Gauramma Gauramma Uyyaala
Muthyala Gauramma Uyyaala
Palavelli Nadechoothu Uyyaala
Thotalo Bathukamma Uyyaala

4. Chinnari Ponnari

A playful song that describes the beauty of the flowers used in Bathukamma.


Chinnari Ponnari Bathukamma
Cheyi Cheyi Kalapudam Bathukamma
Addam Choodavamma Bathukamma
Andam Choodavamma Bathukamma

Things to Know About Bathukamma Songs

  • Cultural Significance: Bathukamma songs are more than just melodies; they carry the cultural essence of Telangana, passed down through generations.
  • Community Bonding: These songs promote unity and togetherness among women as they sing and dance in a circle around the Bathukamma flower arrangements.
  • Nature Reverence: The lyrics often celebrate nature, emphasizing the importance of flora and fauna in the region.
  • Devotional Aspect: Many songs are devotional in nature, seeking blessings from various deities and expressing gratitude for the harvest and prosperity.

FAQs About Bathukamma Songs

Q: What is the significance of Bathukamma songs?

A: Bathukamma songs play a crucial role in celebrating the festival. They reflect the culture, traditions, and beliefs of the people of Telangana, fostering a sense of community and joy.

Q: Are there specific instruments used during Bathukamma songs?

A: While Bathukamma songs are primarily vocal, traditional instruments like dholak and tabla may accompany the singing, adding rhythm and vibrancy.

Q: Can anyone participate in singing Bathukamma songs?

A: Yes, anyone can participate in singing Bathukamma songs. The festival is inclusive, and women from different communities come together to sing and celebrate.

Q: How are Bathukamma songs learned and passed down?

A: Bathukamma songs are traditionally passed down orally from older generations to the younger ones. Women learn these songs from their mothers and grandmothers, ensuring the preservation of this cultural heritage.

Q: Are there any modern adaptations of Bathukamma songs?

A: Yes, there are modern adaptations and recordings of traditional Bathukamma songs available. These adaptations help in reaching a wider audience and keeping the tradition alive in contemporary times.

Bathukamma songs are an integral part of the festival, enriching the celebrations with their melodious tunes and meaningful lyrics. They reflect the cultural richness of Telangana and bring people together in joyous reverence. Whether you’re participating in the festivities or simply exploring the cultural heritage of Telangana, Bathukamma songs offer a beautiful glimpse into the traditions and values of the region.

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