Swaminarayan Temple Today Timings Opening Closing Pooja

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Swaminarayan Temple is one of the popular pilgrimage sites in India, known for its architectural beauty, religious significance, and rich history. The temple has a daily routine and schedule that visitors need to follow to take part in the rituals, ceremonies, and darshan. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive guide on the Swaminarayan Temple daily timings, including opening and closing hours, pooja schedule, dress code, how to reach, rules, and FAQs. Whether you are a local devotee or a tourist, this guide will help you plan your visit to the Swaminarayan Temple with ease and joy.

Swaminarayan Temple Today Timings Opening Closing Pooja

Opening and Closing Hours:

Swaminarayan Temple opens its doors to devotees at 5:00 AM, and the morning pooja and darshan starts at 6:30 AM. The temple remains open till 12:00 PM and reopens for evening pooja and darshan at 4:00 PM and closes at 8:00 PM.

The temple is closed during lunch and afternoon hours, which is from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM. However, the timings may vary during festivals, special occasions, and Sundays. It is advisable to check the temple’s official website or contact the authorities for updated information before planning your visit.

Pooja Schedule:

The Swaminarayan Temple has a fixed pooja schedule that devotees can follow to take part in the daily rituals and ceremonies. The morning pooja starts at 6:30 AM and includes Abhishekam, anointing the idols of Lord Swaminarayan and Radha-Krishna with milk, curd, honey, and other auspicious items. The evening pooja starts at 6:30 PM and includes Aarti, a prayer ritual that involves lighting lamps, ringing bells, and waving incense sticks to ward off negative energy and invoke positivity. There are also other poojas, like the Shayan Aarti and Mangla Aarti, that take place during specific times of the day.

Dress Code:

The Swaminarayan Temple has a strict dress code that devotees need to follow to show respect and humility towards the deities and the temple premises. Men are expected to wear traditional attire, like dhoti-kurta or pyjama-kurta, and avoid wearing shirts, pants, or shorts. Women are expected to wear sarees, salwar-kameez, or other appropriate Indian attire. Sleeveless tops, shorts, and skirts above knee-length are not allowed inside the temple. It is advisable to carry a pair of extra clothes or shawls as it can get chilly inside the temple premises.

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How to Reach:

The Swaminarayan Temple is situated in the heart of the city and is easily accessible by road, rail, or air. The nearest airport is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, which is approximately 11 km away from the temple.

The nearest railway station is Ahmedabad Junction, which is approximately 5 km away from the temple. Local transport, like taxis, autos, or buses, can be availed to reach the temple. Alternatively, devotees can reach the temple by walking from nearby locations or taking a bicycle or motorbike.

Rules and FAQs:

The Swaminarayan Temple has certain rules and regulations that devotees need to follow to maintain the sanctity and decorum of the temple. Photography, mobile phones, and electronic gadgets are not allowed inside the temple premises.

Food and water are not allowed inside the temple complex, and prasad(Mahaprasad) or sacred food is provided only at designated places. Smoking, drinking, and chewing tobacco are strictly prohibited inside the temple premises.

Frequently asked questions:

a) Is there any entrance fee for the temple?
No, there is no entrance fee for the temple.

b) Is there any specific time for darshan or can we visit the temple anytime?
Visitors can visit the temple at any time during the opening hours, but the darshan timings may vary during festivals and special occasions.

c) Is there an English guide available for foreign tourists?
Yes, an English guide is available for foreign tourists who want to learn about the temple’s history, culture, and architecture.

Swaminarayan Temple is a place of spiritual enlightenment, cultural diversity, and traditional values. By following the daily timings, pooja schedule, dress code, and rules, devotees can experience the divine aura of the temple and seek the blessings of Lord Swaminarayan and Radha-Krishna. We hope this comprehensive guide on the Swaminarayan Temple daily timings helps you plan your visit and have a blissful experience.


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