Sringeri Mutt Tirumala Rooms Online Booking Cost Facilities


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Sringeri Mutt Tirumala: A Comprehensive Guide

Sri Sringeri Shankar Mutt, nestled in the divine town of Tirumala, is a prominent establishment and a distinguished player in the category of religious trusts. Known for its spiritual significance and serene ambiance, the Mutt offers not only a spiritual retreat but also accommodation facilities for pilgrims. Here’s everything you need to know about Sringeri Mutt Tirumala.

Sringeri Mutt Tirumala Rooms Online Booking Cost Facilities

About Sringeri Mutt Tirumala:

Sringeri Mutt is an esteemed religious institution associated with the Advaita Vedanta tradition1. It’s located in Tirumala, near the globally recognized Venkateswara Temple. The Mutt is revered for its tranquil setting, making it an ideal place for spiritual seekers.

Rooms and Facilities:

The Mutt provides clean and comfortable accommodation facilities for devotees visiting Tirumala. While specific details about the number of rooms are not available from the sources, the Mutt is known for its well-maintained premises.

The Mutt houses the Sarada Kalyana Mandapam5 and a convention center, making it a suitable venue for spiritual gatherings and ceremonies. However, for more specific details about the facilities, it is advised to reach out to the Mutt directly.


The exact costs associated with staying at the Sringeri Mutt in Tirumala are not mentioned in the sources provided. It is advisable to directly contact the Mutt for the most accurate and current pricing information.

Online Booking:

Online booking for rooms at the Sringeri Mutt Tirumala is available. However, the specific procedure is not outlined in the sources provided. For accurate information on the online booking process, it is recommended to visit the official website or contact the Mutt directly.

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Offline Booking:

For offline booking, you can directly call the Mutt. The phone number for Sri Sringeri Shankara Mutt is 0877 222 77269. Additionally, the contact details for the Sringeri Math are provided on their official website.


Sringeri Mutt Tirumala is located on a small hill in Tirumala, close to the Venkateswara Temple. Its serene location adds to the spiritual experience of the devotees.


While specific reviews from visitors are not available in the sources, the Mutt is well-known for its peaceful ambiance and clean accommodation facilities. It’s a highly recommended place for those seeking a spiritual retreat.

Things to Know:

Sringeri Mutt Tirumala is more than just an accommodation facility; it’s a spiritual haven for pilgrims. Photography might be restricted in certain areas due to the religious nature of the establishment. Remember to respect the sanctity of the place during your visit.


What is Sringeri Mutt Tirumala?

Sringeri Mutt Tirumala is a renowned religious institution located in Tirumala. Besides its spiritual activities, it also provides accommodation facilities for pilgrims.

How can I book a room at Sringeri Mutt Tirumala?

Booking a room at Sringeri Mutt Tirumala can be done online or by directly contacting the Mutt via phone.

Is there a cost associated with staying at the Sringeri Mutt Tirumala?

Yes, there is likely a cost associated with staying at the Sringeri Mutt Tirumala. However, the exact cost is not specified in the sources provided. Please contact the Mutt directly for the most accurate information.

Visiting the Sringeri Mutt Tirumala promises a unique blend of spiritual and cultural experience. Whether you’re a devotee seeking divine blessings or a curious traveler, a visit to this place is sure to leave you with a sense of tranquility and fulfillment.


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