Srikalahasti Temple Annadanam Timings Location Procedure


Know the details about the Srikalahasti Temple Annadanam Timings Location Procedure, Srikalahasti Temple Anna Prasadam Free Food Today Status

Srikalahasti Temple Annadanam: A Comprehensive Guide

Situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh, the Srikalahasti Temple is one of the most revered temples in India. Known for its spiritual significance and architectural brilliance, it draws devotees from far and wide. One of the unique aspects of this sacred shrine is the Annadanam program, a service that offers free meals to devotees.

Srikalahasti Temple Annadanam Timings Location Procedure

What is Annadanam?

Annadanam, literally meaning “food donation”, is a sacred practice followed at many temples in India. At Srikalahasti Temple, Annadanam is done daily, serving free and quality food to all the devotees visiting the temple. It is considered a noble act of giving, embodying the principle that feeding a hungry being is one of the greatest services one can offer.

Timings of Annadanam

The Srikalahasti Temple Annadanam is done daily from 11 AM to 3:30 PM and again from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM. During these hours, devotees can partake in the free meals offered by the temple.

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Location and Procedure

The meals are served within the temple premises at the Annapurna Bhavan. The food is prepared with utmost care, ensuring quality and hygiene. Around 1600-2000 devotees are served free meals on a daily basis. The meals are usually served in six batches, ensuring that every devotee gets an opportunity to have the prasadam (sacred food).

Rules and Things to Know

While there are no stringent rules for partaking in the Annadanam, devotees are expected to maintain decorum and cleanliness while having their meals. It’s also advised that no food should be wasted.

As the food is considered sacred, it’s customary to receive the prasadam with both hands and consume it without any negative thoughts or discussions.


1. Can anyone partake in the Annadanam?

Yes, the Annadanam is open to all devotees visiting the Srikalahasti Temple, regardless of their religion or social status.

2. Is there a fee for the Annadanam?

No, the food served under the Annadanam program is completely free.

3. Can one donate towards the Annadanam program?

Yes, devotees can contribute towards the Annadanam program. Donations can be made at the temple or through the temple’s official website.

4. What type of food is served in the Annadanam?

The temple serves vegetarian meals prepared as per traditional Indian cuisine. The menu usually includes rice, lentil soup (sambar or dal), vegetable curry, and a sweet dish.

Visiting the Srikalahasti Temple is a spiritual journey in itself, and partaking in the Annadanam adds to the fulfilling experience. It’s a wonderful opportunity to not only receive divine blessings but also to share a communal meal with fellow devotees.


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