Srikalahasti Naga Pratishta Pooja Procedure Cost Booking


Know the details about the Srikalahasti Naga Pratishta Pooja Procedure Cost Booking, Srikalahasti Naga Pratishta Pooja Cost Booking Procedure

Title: A Comprehensive Guide to Srikalahasti Naga Pratishta


Srikalahasti, located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, is home to one of the most revered temples in India, known for its unique Naga Pratishta Pooja. The Naga Pratishta Pooja, a sacred ceremony performed by Hindu devotees, offers numerous spiritual benefits, including blessings for early marriage, childbearing, and nullification of ‘Sarpadosha’ (a condition of ill-luck according to Hindu astrology). This article provides an elaborate guide on the Srikalahasti Naga Pratishta, including ticket cost, timings, booking process, dress code, and other essential details.

Srikalahasti Naga Pratishta Pooja Procedure Cost Booking

Ticket Cost and Timings

The Naga Pratishta Pooja at Srikalahasti Temple costs around Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 18,000, making it one of the most expensive pujas in the country. However, the spiritual benefits associated with this ritual make it a worthwhile investment for many devotees. The pooja duration is approximately four hours, offering ample time for devotees to immerse themselves in deep devotion and prayer.

Online Booking and Offline Booking

Booking for the Naga Pratishta Pooja can be done both online and offline. For online booking, you can visit the official website of the temple and follow the steps for booking. It is advisable to book well in advance due to the high demand for this pooja. For offline booking, you can visit the temple directly and approach the temple office for assistance.

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Pooja Process and Prasadam

The Naga Pratishta Pooja involves several rituals and ceremonies. Devotees are required to perform the ‘Pratishta’ (installation) of a Naga idol in the temple premises. This is followed by various offerings and prayers to appease the Naga Devata (Snake God). After the completion of the pooja, prasadam is distributed among the devotees.

Reporting Point and Dress Code

Devotees performing the Naga Pratishta Pooja need to report at the temple office at a specified time before the pooja begins. Devotees are required to adhere to a traditional dress code. Men can wear dhoti or pyjama with a plain shirt, while women can wear sarees or salwar kameez.

Things to Know

The Naga Pratishta Pooja is specifically beneficial for unmarried individuals, couples seeking progeny, and those suffering from ‘Sarpadosha’. It is believed that performing this pooja can bring about positive changes in one’s life and alleviate various problems.


Q: Is there any specific day to perform the Naga Pratishta Pooja?
A: The pooja can be performed on any day according to the devotee’s convenience. However, it is considered particularly auspicious to perform this pooja on Sundays.

Q: Can the pooja be performed on behalf of someone else?
A: Yes, the pooja can be performed on behalf of others by providing their name and gotra to the priest.

The Srikalahasti Naga Pratishta Pooja is an enriching spiritual experience that holds immense significance in Hindu tradition. Whether you’re looking to mitigate the effects of Sarpadosha, seek blessings for early marriage, or simply want to experience profound spirituality, this pooja serves as the perfect spiritual endeavor. With its rich rituals and deep-rooted significance, the Naga Pratishta Pooja truly offers a divine experience for every devotee.


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