Sri Krishna Shodashopachara Pooja Complete Procedure Mantra


Know the details about the Sri Krishna Shodashopachara Pooja Complete Procedure Mantra, Sri Krishna Shodashopachara Pooja Mantra Chanting

Embracing Divinity: The Sri Krishna Shodashopachara Pooja

The Sri Krishna Shodashopachara Pooja is a sacred ritual dedicated to Lord Krishna, one of the most revered deities in Hinduism. This elaborate worship involves sixteen forms of offerings, each symbolizing a gesture of devotion and love towards the divine. The pooja is performed with deep faith across many parts of India, especially during Janmashtami, the auspicious celebration of Lord Krishna’s birth. This article unfolds the essence of the Shodashopachara Pooja, its mantras, the step-by-step procedure, and essential things to know for anyone looking to immerse in this divine experience.

Sri Krishna Shodashopachara Pooja Complete Procedure Mantra

Understanding Shodashopachara Pooja

“Shodash” means sixteen, and “Upachara” refers to offerings or services rendered to the deity. Hence, the Shodashopachara Pooja includes sixteen specific acts of worship, each accompanied by specific mantras and rituals, making the ceremony not just an act of devotion but a spiritual journey for the devotee.

Key Mantras

While there are several mantras chanted during the pooja, one pivotal mantra that encapsulates the essence of devotion to Lord Krishna is the Gopala Mantra:

“Om Kleem Krishnaya Govindaya Gopijana Vallabhaya Swaha”

This mantra is often recited with devotion, seeking blessings for prosperity, peace, and the divine grace of Lord Krishna.

Step-by-Step Procedure

  1. Dhyana (Meditation): Begin with meditating on Lord Krishna, visualizing his divine form, and invoking his presence.
  2. Avahana (Invocation): Chanting specific mantras, the deity is invited to accept the devotee’s worship.
  3. Asana (Seating): Offer a seat to the deity symbolically, acknowledging his presence and welcoming him to the pooja.
  4. Padya (Washing of Feet): Water is offered to wash the deity’s feet, a mark of respect and humility.
  5. Arghya (Washing of Hands): Water is provided for washing hands, symbolizing purification.
  6. Achamana (Water for Sipping): Water is offered for sipping, used for internal purification.
  7. Snana (Bathing): The idol or symbol of Lord Krishna is bathed with water, milk, and other holy substances.
  8. Vastra (Clothing): After the bathing ritual, the deity is adorned with clean clothes.
  9. Upaveeta (Sacred Thread): A sacred thread is offered to the deity, symbolizing purity and spiritual dignity.
  10. Anulepana (Sandalwood Paste): Sandalwood paste is applied to the deity, representing coolness and fragrance.
  11. Pushpa (Flowers): Fresh flowers are offered, symbolizing the beauty of nature and the impermanence of life.
  12. Dhoop (Incense): Incense is lit, its smoke carrying prayers to the heavens and purifying the atmosphere.
  13. Deepa (Lamp): A lamp is lit, representing the light of wisdom dispelling the darkness of ignorance.
  14. Naivedya (Food Offering): Food, typically sweets and fruits, is offered as a symbol of material and spiritual sustenance.
  15. Tamboola (Betel Leaf and Nut): Betel leaf and nut are offered, traditional symbols of respect and hospitality.
  16. Neerajanam (Aarti): The final offering is the Aarti, waving of a lamp in a circular motion in front of the deity, accompanied by devotional songs or mantras.
  17. Pradakshina and Namaskara (Circumambulation and Salutation): Conclude the pooja by circumambulating the deity and offering salutations.

Things to Know

  • Preparation is Key: Gather all items required for the pooja beforehand to ensure a smooth flow of rituals.
  • Cleanliness and Purity: Ensure cleanliness of the space and purity of mind and body before commencing the pooja.
  • Understanding Over Ritual: While performing the rituals is important, understanding their significance enhances the spiritual experience.


Q: Can the Sri Krishna Shodashopachara Pooja be performed at home?
A: Yes, the pooja can be performed at home with devotion and the right set of materials and mantras.

Q: Is it necessary to know all the mantras?
A: While knowing the mantras adds to the pooja’s efficacy, one’s intention and devotion are of utmost importance. It’s also possible to follow along with recorded chants or seek guidance from a knowledgeable person.

Q: How long does the pooja take?
A: The duration can vary depending on the pace and elaborateness of the rituals but typically ranges from 1 to 2 hours.

Q: Can I perform the pooja without an idol?
A: Yes, if an idol is not available, you can perform the pooja focusing on a picture of Lord Krishna or even visualize him in your heart.

The Sri Krishna Shodashopachara Pooja is a profound way to connect with the divine, embodying devotion, love, and spiritual fulfillment. By understanding its essence, following the procedures, and embracing the mantras, devotees can experience the blissful grace of Lord Krishna, making every moment of the pooja a step closer to divine transcendence.

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