Somarama Temple Bhimavaram Abhishekam Timings Online Book


Know the details about the Somarama Temple Bhimavaram Abhishekam Timings Online Book, Somarama Temple Bhimavaram Abhishekam Booking

Somarama Temple Bhimavaram: A Guide to Abhishekam Ritual

In the peaceful town of Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh, the Somarama Temple, also revered as the Someswara Swamy Temple, stands as a significant spiritual destination dedicated to Lord Shiva. Among its many rituals, the Abhishekam holds a special place for devotees, offering a deep, meditative connection with the divine. This guide dives into the essentials of participating in the Abhishekam at Somarama Temple, including costs, timings, booking procedures, and more.

Somarama Temple Bhimavaram Abhishekam Timings Online Book

About Somarama Temple and Abhishekam

Somarama Temple, part of the Pancharama Kshetras, is famed for its crystal lingam known as “Soma.” The temple’s architecture and spiritual ambiance draw visitors from across the globe. Abhishekam, a sacred bathing ritual of the deity with various sanctified liquids, is performed regularly, believed to cleanse and energize both the deity and the devotees.

Abhishekam Cost

The cost for Abhishekam at Somarama Temple varies, typically depending on the day of the week and any special astrological occurrences. It’s advisable to check the latest fees on the temple’s official website or contact the temple authorities directly for the most accurate information.


Abhishekam is performed at specific times during the day:

  • Morning Session: Usually starts around 6:00 AM
  • Evening Session: Timing can vary but often begins around 6:00 PM

Note that timings might be adjusted on special days or during festival periods.

Booking Procedure

Step 1: Visit the Official Website

Begin by navigating to the official Somarama Temple website or any authorized booking platform.

Step 2: Select the Abhishekam Service

Look for the pooja services section and choose Abhishekam. Some sites may offer direct links to the pooja booking page.

Step 3: Fill in Details

Enter required details such as your name, date of visit, and any specific offerings you wish to include.

Step 4: Make Payment

Complete the transaction using the available online payment methods. Ensure you receive a confirmation for your booking.

Step 5: Confirmation

Save the confirmation email or message, as it will be needed on the day of the pooja.

Pooja Procedure

On the day of the Abhishekam, the ritual involves several steps:

  1. Preparation: Devotees are advised to arrive early, preferably clean and wearing appropriate attire.
  2. Initiation: The priest begins the pooja by chanting sacred hymns, invoking Lord Shiva’s presence.
  3. Abhishekam: Various holy liquids, including milk, honey, and ghee, are poured over the lingam.
  4. Concluding Prayers: The ceremony ends with Aarti and distribution of prasadam to the participants.

Dress Code

Devotees participating in the Abhishekam are encouraged to wear traditional attire:

  • Men: Dhoti or Pancha without shirts or T-shirts.
  • Women: Saree, Half-saree, or Churidar with dupatta.

Adhering to the dress code enhances the spiritual experience and respects the temple’s sanctity.

Things to Know Before Participating

  • Advance Booking: Ensure your Abhishekam booking is completed well in advance, especially during peak seasons.
  • Arrival Time: Reach the temple at least 30 minutes before the scheduled Abhishekam time.
  • Personal Belongings: Keep personal belongings safe; locker facilities may be available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I perform Abhishekam on behalf of someone else?

Yes, you can perform the ritual on behalf of another person. Mention this during the booking process.

Is online payment secure for booking Abhishekam?

Yes, the official temple booking platforms use secure payment gateways for transactions.

What should I do if I miss my booked Abhishekam slot?

Contact the temple administration immediately. They may be able to accommodate you at a later time or date, subject to availability.

Participating in the Abhishekam at the Somarama Temple is a profoundly moving experience, offering a moment of serenity and spiritual connection. By following these guidelines, devotees can ensure a hassle-free and fulfilling participation in this sacred ritual, immersing themselves in the divine grace of Lord Shiva.

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