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Siddhivinayak Temple Mumbai: Vehicle Pooja Guide


Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai, one of the most revered Ganesha temples in India, offers a unique blessing to devotees and their new vehicles. The vehicle pooja, a ritual to invoke divine protection for the vehicle and its passengers, is a popular tradition among believers. If you’re planning to have your vehicle blessed at this sacred site, here’s a comprehensive guide.

About Vehicle Pooja

Vehicle pooja at Siddhivinayak Temple involves offering prayers to Lord Ganesha, seeking his blessings for safety, security, and trouble-free operation of the vehicle. It’s a way to start your journey with divine grace.


The vehicle pooja is performed during the temple’s operational hours, typically from early morning to late evening. However, it’s advisable to check the temple’s official website or contact the temple directly for the exact timings, as they can vary on special days or due to temple activities.


The cost of performing a vehicle pooja at Siddhivinayak Temple is quite nominal, ensuring that everyone can avail of this service without financial burden. However, these costs may change, so it’s recommended to confirm the current rates by contacting the temple or visiting in person.

Booking Procedure

Step 1: Contact the Temple

Before heading to the temple with your vehicle, it’s wise to call ahead or check online for any booking requirements. While not always necessary, there could be specific instructions or scheduled times for vehicle poojas.

Step 2: Arrive at the Designated Area

Siddhivinayak Temple has a designated area for conducting vehicle poojas. Upon arrival, inquire at the temple entrance or security for directions to this area.

Step 3: Complete the Formalities

At the vehicle pooja area, you may be required to fill out a form with details about your vehicle and make the payment as per the specified cost.

Pooja Procedure

  1. Preparation: The vehicle is parked in the designated area, and the devotee prepares for the pooja with the items provided by the temple or brought personally.
  2. Invocation: A priest will then invoke Lord Ganesha, chanting mantras to bless the vehicle.
  3. Offerings: Offerings like flowers, coconut, and sweets are made to the deity.
  4. Aarti and Conclusion: The pooja concludes with an Aarti, after which the priest sprinkles holy water on the vehicle and applies a vermilion mark for protection.

Things to Know

  • Clean Your Vehicle: It’s respectful to bring a clean vehicle for the pooja.
  • Bring Essential Items: Though the temple may provide some basic pooja items, bringing coconuts, flowers, and sweets can be a good idea.
  • Timely Arrival: Early mornings or weekdays may be less crowded, offering a more serene experience.


Q: Can any vehicle undergo pooja at Siddhivinayak Temple?
A: Yes, all types of vehicles, from bikes to cars and beyond, can be brought in for pooja.

Q: Do I need to book in advance for vehicle pooja?
A: Advance booking isn’t usually required, but checking with the temple before your visit is always prudent.

Q: How long does the vehicle pooja take?
A: The process is quick, generally taking about 15-30 minutes, depending on the crowd.

Q: Is there a specific day to perform vehicle pooja?
A: Vehicle poojas can be performed on any day the temple is open, though auspicious days might attract more devotees.


Performing a vehicle pooja at Siddhivinayak Temple is a spiritually enriching tradition that seeks to ensure safety and divine protection for your travels. By following this guide, devotees can smoothly partake in this sacred ritual, starting their journeys with Lord Ganesha’s blessings.

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