Siddhivinayak Temple Mumbai Aarti Timings Booking Tickets


Know the details about the Siddhivinayak Temple Mumbai Aarti Timings Booking Tickets, Siddhivinayak Temple Mumbai Aarti Booking Procedure

Siddhivinayak Temple Mumbai Aarti and Poojas: A Devotee’s Guide


The Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai is a beacon of faith, drawing devotees from across the globe. Renowned for its Lord Ganesha idol, this temple holds deep spiritual significance. Among the most sacred rituals here are the Aarti sessions and various poojas conducted daily. If you plan to visit or participate in these divine ceremonies, here’s all you need to know.

Siddhivinayak Temple Mumbai Aarti Timings Booking Tickets

Aarti Timings

The Siddhivinayak Temple conducts Aarti four times a day, each carrying its unique essence and importance:

  • Kakad Aarti: Early morning Aarti, right at dawn.
  • Madhyana Aarti: Conducted at noon.
  • Dhoop Aarti: Held in the evening at sunset.
  • Shej Aarti: The last Aarti of the day, performed at night.

Exact timings can vary slightly throughout the year, so it’s advisable to check the temple’s official website or contact them directly before planning your visit.

Booking Procedure

For Aarti

While devotees can attend Aarti without prior booking, arriving early ensures a smoother entry due to the large crowds, especially on Tuesdays and during festivals.

For Poojas

For specific poojas, bookings can often be necessary:

  1. Visit the Temple’s Booking Counter: Direct bookings are handled here.
  2. Choose Your Pooja: Select from the list of available poojas based on your devotion or needs.
  3. Provide Necessary Details: Share your details along with the preferred date for the pooja.
  4. Payment: Make the required payment; the cost varies depending on the pooja.

Tickets Cost

  • Aarti Participation: Attending Aarti is generally free, but special passes for close participation may have associated costs.
  • Pooja Costs: These vary based on the type of pooja. Basic offerings start from nominal rates, whereas elaborate ceremonies may cost more.

Pooja Procedure

Participating in a pooja at Siddhivinayak is a detailed process involving several steps designed to honor Lord Ganesha. It starts with the devotee making an offering (prasad) followed by rituals conducted by temple priests, which may include recitations, chants, and various offerings to the deity.

Things to Know

  • Dress Code: There is no strict dress code, but dressing modestly is encouraged.
  • Photography: Inside the main temple, photography is not allowed.
  • Crowds: Expect large crowds, especially on Tuesdays, which are dedicated to Lord Ganesha, and during festivals.


Q: Can I book poojas online?
A: Currently, pooja bookings at Siddhivinayak Temple primarily happen offline. For the latest updates on online booking facilities, visit the temple’s official website.

Q: Is there a special queue for Aarti or pooja?
A: Yes, there are separate queues for those attending Aarti or participating in poojas. Special passes may also be available for closer access.

Q: How early should I arrive for Aarti?
A: It’s best to arrive at least an hour early, especially for the Kakad Aarti, as mornings tend to attract large crowds.

Q: Are there any offerings I should bring for poojas?
A: Common offerings include flowers, sweets, and coconuts. However, it’s always a good idea to inquire at the booking counter for specific pooja requirements.


Visiting the Siddhivinayak Temple for Aarti or to partake in poojas is a spiritually enriching experience. Whether you’re looking to seek blessings, offer prayers, or simply witness the divine ceremonies, understanding the process helps ensure a smooth and fulfilling visit. Engage in these sacred practices with reverence, and carry back home a piece of the divine serenity.

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