Sesha Theertham Tirumala Opening Dates Timings Location Route


Know the details about the Sesha Theertham Tirumala Opening Dates Timings Location Route, Sesha Theertham Tirumala Pooja Procedure

A Comprehensive Guide to Sesha Theertham

Sesha Theertham is a sacred water body located in the Tirumala hills, Andhra Pradesh. Known for its spiritual significance, this holy pond attracts numerous devotees who come to seek blessings and purification. This article provides detailed information on the location, importance, dates, timings, route, travel process, pooja rituals, and essential things to know about Sesha Theertham.

Sesha Theertham Tirumala Opening Dates Timings Location Route

About Sesha Theertham

Sesha Theertham is one of the sacred theerthams (holy water bodies) associated with the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple. It is named after Lord Vishnu’s divine serpent, Adisesha. According to legend, Adisesha himself created this theertham by striking the ground with his tail. The water here is believed to have purifying properties, washing away sins and bestowing divine blessings upon those who take a dip.


Sesha Theertham is situated within the Tirumala hills, approximately 5 kilometers from the main Tirumala Venkateswara Temple. It is nestled amidst lush greenery and serene surroundings, providing a tranquil atmosphere for devotees.


  1. Spiritual Purification: Taking a dip in Sesha Theertham is believed to cleanse the soul and absolve sins.
  2. Divine Blessings: Devotees believe that bathing in this sacred pond brings divine blessings from Lord Venkateswara and Adisesha.
  3. Historical Significance: The theertham’s association with Adisesha adds to its mythological importance, making it a crucial pilgrimage site.

Dates and Timings

Sesha Theertham is open only in the Month of April or May. Dates differ every year.

  • Timings: The theertham is accessible from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily.

Route and Travel Process

By Road

  1. From Tirupati: Take a bus or taxi from Tirupati to Tirumala.
  2. From Tirumala Bus Stand: Hire a local jeep or auto-rickshaw to reach Sesha Theertham.

By Foot

  1. Alipiri Steps: Pilgrims can take the Alipiri footpath, which leads directly to Tirumala. From there, a short walk takes you to Sesha Theertham.
  2. Srivari Mettu: Another footpath option is Srivari Mettu, which is shorter but steeper.

Pooja Rituals

Devotees perform various poojas at Sesha Theertham to seek blessings:

  1. Abhishekam: Special abhishekam (ritual bathing) with holy water is performed to invoke divine grace.
  2. Archana: Devotees offer flowers, fruits, and perform archana (chanting of names) to please the deities.
  3. Deepa Aradhana: Lighting lamps and offering prayers as a mark of devotion and gratitude.

Things to Know Before Visiting

  1. Dress Code: Wear traditional attire. Men should wear dhotis, and women should wear sarees or salwar kameez.
  2. Safety: Be cautious while taking a dip, as the water may be deep in certain areas.
  3. Cleanliness: Help maintain the sanctity by keeping the area clean and disposing of offerings responsibly.
  4. Photography: Photography is generally restricted. Seek permission from authorities if needed.


What is the significance of Sesha Theertham?

Sesha Theertham is considered sacred for its purifying properties and divine blessings associated with Adisesha and Lord Venkateswara.

How can I reach Sesha Theertham?

You can reach Sesha Theertham by road from Tirupati or by taking the Alipiri or Srivari Mettu footpaths to Tirumala.

What are the timings to visit Sesha Theertham?

The theertham is open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily.

Is there a dress code for visiting Sesha Theertham?

Yes, traditional attire is required. Men should wear dhotis, and women should wear sarees or salwar kameez.

Are there any special poojas conducted at Sesha Theertham?

Yes, special poojas like abhishekam, archana, and deepa aradhana are performed to seek blessings.

Can I take photographs at Sesha Theertham?

Photography is generally restricted. Always seek permission from temple authorities before taking pictures.

Is Sesha Theertham open throughout the year?

Yes, Sesha Theertham is open all year round, with the best time to visit being during the Brahmotsavam festival in September and October.

Visiting Sesha Theertham offers a spiritually uplifting experience. By understanding its location, significance, and the necessary travel details, devotees can ensure a fulfilling and serene pilgrimage.

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