Rameshwaram Thila Homam Cost Online Booking Ticket Price


Know the details about the Rameshwaram Thila Homam Cost Online Booking Ticket Price, Thila Homam Rameshwaram Booking Pooja Procedure

Rameshwaram Thila Homam: A Complete Guide

Rameshwaram Thila Homam is a powerful Hindu ritual performed to appease one’s ancestors and family members who have died unnaturally. Conducted in the sacred city of Rameshwaram, this ritual holds utmost significance in the Hindu tradition. Here’s all you need to know about the Thila Homam.

Rameshwaram Thila Homam Cost Online Booking Ticket Price

About Rameshwaram Thila Homam

Thila Homam is a Vedic ritual performed for the peace of souls of ancestors and family members who have faced an unnatural death. By performing Thila Homam, the pithrus (ancestors) are satisfied, and they bestow their blessings.


The Thila Homam needs to be performed at Rameshwaram, which is considered the most potent place for the Homam. Rameshwaram, located in the southernmost part of India, is one of the holiest sites in Hinduism.

Timings and Dates

The exact timings and dates for performing Thila Homam can vary based on the priest’s guidance and the family’s preference. However, it’s often performed on Amavasya days or during the Pitru Paksha period, which is considered auspicious for paying homage to ancestors.

Booking and Cost

You can book Thila Homam through various online platforms that provide religious services. The cost of performing Thila Homam in Rameshwaram can vary depending on the package chosen and the number of priests involved. It’s advisable to check multiple sources and choose a reliable service provider.

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Pooja Procedure

The procedure of Thila Homam involves several stages. The ritual starts with Ganapathy pooja, followed by Punyaha Vachanam, Kalasha pooja, Navagraha pooja, and finally, the main Thila Homam. The Homam concludes with an offering to the ancestors and a final pooja.

Things to Know

Before performing Thila Homam, the family should take a bath in the sacred Agni Theertham sea. It’s also recommended that the family stays in Rameshwaram for at least two days to complete all the rituals properly.


What are the benefits of performing Thila Homam?

By performing Thila Homam, you can achieve complete relief from Pitru Dosha and bring abundance to your health and wealth.

Can Thila Homam be performed for family members who have had a natural death?

Yes, Thila Homam can be performed for any deceased family member, regardless of the cause of death.

Do I need to be present physically for the Homam?

While it’s ideal to be present physically, many service providers offer online services where the rituals can be performed on your behalf.

Rameshwaram Thila Homam is a significant ritual that helps connect us with our ancestors and seek their blessings. By understanding its importance and following the correct procedures, one can ensure a successful and fulfilling homam.


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