Pongal 2024 Date Tamilnadu Calendar Pooja Timings Process


Know the details about the Pongal 2024 Date Tamilnadu Calendar Pooja Timings Process, 2024 Pongal Festival Date Pooja Timings Tamilnadu

Pongal 2024: A Guide to the Tamil Harvest Festival

Pongal, one of the most significant and ancient festivals of Tamil Nadu, is a celebration of nature and its bounty. As we step into 2024, let’s delve deep into the importance of this festival, its dates, timings, pooja procedures, prasadam, and other essential things to know.

Pongal 2024 Date Tamilnadu Calendar Pooja Timings Process

Pongal 2024: Dates and Timings

In 2024, Pongal will be celebrated on Monday, January 15. This date may vary each year as Pongal is determined based on the position of the Sun and the Moon. The festival typically marks the end of the winter solstice and the start of the Sun’s six-month-long journey northwards (the Uttarayanam).

About Pongal

Pongal is a four-day-long harvest festival dedicated to the Sun God. It is a time for families to give thanks for the abundant agricultural harvest that year. The term ‘Pongal’ in Tamil means ‘to boil’, symbolizing the boiling over of milk and rice during the festival’s preparation.

Pooja Procedure

The Pooja procedure is an integral part of the Pongal celebrations. On the day of Pongal, people clean their homes and decorate them with banana and mango leaves. They draw beautiful kolams (rangoli made with rice flour) at the entrance of their homes. A special ritual is performed where rice is boiled in milk outdoors in a clay pot and allowed to boil over, symbolizing abundance and prosperity. Once the rice is cooked, it is offered to the Sun God along with other oblations.


The prasadam, or sacred offering, for Pongal is the dish ‘Chakkara Pongal’. It is a sweet dish prepared with newly harvested rice, jaggery, ghee, and dal, garnished with cashews and raisins. The dish is first offered to the gods and then shared with family and neighbors.

Things to Know

Pongal is not just a religious festival but also a social one. It is a time for families to come together and celebrate the harvest. The festival is marked with music, dance, and games like Jallikattu (bull-taming sport).


Q: Why is Pongal celebrated? A: Pongal is celebrated to give thanks for the year’s abundant agricultural harvest. It is dedicated to the Sun God for the life-energy that he bestows upon us.

Q: How is Pongal celebrated? A: Pongal is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm. It involves making kolams, cooking Pongal (a dish made from newly harvested rice), and offering it to the Sun God.

Q: What is special about Pongal 2024? A: In 2024, Pongal falls on January 15, Monday. Like every year, it will be a time of joyous celebrations and giving thanks for nature’s bounty.

Celebrating Pongal is a way to acknowledge and respect the natural resources that sustain us. As we gear up to celebrate Pongal 2024, let’s remember to do our part in taking care of our environment and giving back to it in our little ways.

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