Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple Abhishekam Timings


Know the details about the Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple Abhishekam Timings, Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple Daily Timings

Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple: A Complete Guide

Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple, located in Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu, is a renowned place of worship that draws devotees from far and wide. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhavani Amman, an embodiment of Shakti, symbolizing power and strength. This blog post provides comprehensive information about the temple’s Abhishekam rituals, timings, rules to follow, and other essential details.

Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple Abhishekam Timings

Abhishekam Ritual at Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple

Abhishekam is a sacred ritual performed at Hindu temples, wherein the deity is bathed in water, milk, honey, or other holy substances. At the Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple, this ritual is carried out with utmost reverence and devotion.

The Abhishekam schedule at the temple is as follows:

  • Morning Abhishekam: 8:00 AM
  • Forenoon Abhishekam: 11:00 AM
  • Evening Abhishekam: 5:00 PM

These timings apply from Monday to Saturday. Please note that the timings may change during special occasions and festivals.

Temple Timings

The Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple opens its doors to devotees at 5:00 AM and remains open until 12:30 PM. The temple reopens in the evening at 4:00 PM and closes at 9:00 PM. On Sundays, the temple operates for extended hours to accommodate the influx of devotees.

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Rules and Regulations

Visitors are expected to adhere to specific rules while visiting the temple:

  1. Dress modestly and respect the sanctity of the temple.
  2. Photography inside the sanctum sanctorum is strictly prohibited.
  3. Maintain silence inside the temple premises to not disturb other devotees.

Things to Know

  • Friday is considered a particularly auspicious day to visit the temple and receive blessings from Goddess Bhavani Amman.
  • The temple also offers e-booking options for Abhishekam tickets, ensuring a hassle-free experience for devotees.


Q: What is the address of the Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple?

A: The temple is located at Tiruvallur, Periyapalayam, Tamil Nadu 601102, India.

Q: Is there any special ritual performed at the temple?

A: Yes, the temple performs the Abhishekam ritual three times a day – in the morning, forenoon, and evening.

Q: Can I book Abhishekam tickets online?

A: Yes, you can book Abhishekam tickets online through the temple’s official website.

In conclusion, the Periyapalayam Bhavani Amman Temple offers a spiritual respite to its visitors with its serene ambience and sacred rituals. Whether you’re a devotee seeking blessings or a tourist keen on exploring Tamil Nadu’s rich cultural heritage, a visit to this temple is sure to be a fulfilling experience.

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