Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Darshan E Pass Cost Online Booking Pooja


Know the details about the Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Darshan E Pass Cost Online Booking Pooja, Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Darshan E Pass Online Booking

Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Darshan E-Pass: A Complete Guide


Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Temple, also known as Ambabai Temple, is one of the most prominent pilgrimage sites in Maharashtra. Devotees from across the country visit this temple to seek blessings from Goddess Mahalaxmi. To streamline the process and ensure a smooth darshan experience, the temple authorities have introduced the e-pass system. This blog post provides all the necessary information about the Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Darshan e-pass, including cost, types, online booking procedure, prasadam, reporting point, and other essential details.

Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Darshan E Pass Cost Online Booking Pooja

About Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Temple

The Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Temple is an ancient shrine dedicated to Goddess Mahalaxmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. It is believed that visiting this temple fulfills one’s desires and brings prosperity. The temple’s architectural beauty and spiritual ambiance make it a must-visit destination.

Types of Darshan E-Pass

General Darshan E-Pass

This pass allows devotees to have a general darshan of the deity. It is suitable for those who do not mind waiting in regular queues.

Special Darshan E-Pass

This pass offers a quicker darshan experience with shorter waiting times. It is ideal for elderly devotees or those with time constraints.

Cost of Darshan E-Pass

  • General Darshan E-Pass: Free of cost.
  • Special Darshan E-Pass: INR 100 per person.

Online Booking Procedure

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Visit the Official Website: Go to the official Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Temple website.
  2. Register/Login: Create an account or log in if you already have one.
  3. Select Darshan Type: Choose between General or Special Darshan.
  4. Choose Date and Time: Select your preferred date and time slot for the darshan.
  5. Enter Details: Provide necessary details like name, age, and contact information.
  6. Make Payment: For Special Darshan, complete the payment process online.
  7. Receive E-Pass: After successful booking, you will receive the e-pass via email. Print or save it on your mobile device.

Reporting Point

Devotees must report to the designated entry point at the temple premises. Look for signboards indicating the e-pass entry point. Arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled darshan time to complete the verification process smoothly.


After the darshan, devotees receive Prasadam as a token of blessing from the deity. The Prasadam typically includes:

  • Sweet Dishes: Ladoo or peda.
  • Holy Water (Teertham): Sacred water infused with tulsi leaves.
  • Coconut: Offered during the pooja and later distributed as Prasadam.

Things to Know

Dress Code

  • Traditional attire is recommended. Men should wear dhotis or kurtas, and women should wear sarees or salwar suits.


  • Photography inside the sanctum sanctorum is prohibited. Respect the temple rules.


  • The temple provides facilities for elderly and differently-abled devotees.


  • Follow all safety guidelines and instructions given by temple authorities. The temple can get crowded, especially during festivals.

FAQ with Facts

Q: What is the cost of the General Darshan E-Pass?

A: The General Darshan E-Pass is free of cost.

Q: How much does the Special Darshan E-Pass cost?

A: The Special Darshan E-Pass costs INR 100 per person.

Q: Can I book the darshan e-pass online?

A: Yes, you can book both General and Special Darshan e-passes online through the official temple website.

Q: Where is the reporting point for e-pass holders?

A: The reporting point is indicated by signboards within the temple premises. Arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled darshan time.

Q: What should I wear when visiting the temple?

A: Traditional attire is recommended. Men should wear dhotis or kurtas, and women should wear sarees or salwar suits.

Q: Is photography allowed inside the temple?

A: Photography is prohibited inside the sanctum sanctorum. Respect the temple’s rules and regulations.

The Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Darshan e-pass system makes it easier for devotees to plan their visit and ensures a smooth darshan experience. Whether you opt for the General or Special Darshan, the divine blessings of Goddess Mahalaxmi are sure to enrich your life with prosperity and well-being. Follow the booking procedure, adhere to the temple guidelines, and immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance of this ancient and revered shrine. Plan your visit today for a fulfilling and blessed experience.

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