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Khadgamala Pooja in Vijayawada: An Essential Guide

Khadgamala Pooja, a renowned ritual performed in the sacred city of Vijayawada, holds immense significance among devotees. This powerful Stotra was revealed by Hygreeva to Saint Agastya and was introduced at the Durgamma Temple on March 6th, 2009. Here is an elaborate insight into this divine ceremony.

Khadgamala Pooja Vijayawada Online Booking Timings Price

The Significance of Khadgamala Pooja

The Khadgamala Pooja is a potent ritual that involves chanting a sequence of mantras to invoke the blessings of Divine Mother Durga. It’s believed to bestow prosperity, protection, and spiritual enlightenment upon the devotee. The term ‘Khadga’ means ‘Sword’, symbolizing the power of the Divine Mother to cut through ignorance and illusion, while ‘Mala’ means ‘Garland’, representing the series of mantras chanted during the ritual.

The Story Behind Khadgamala Pooja

The origin of this powerful Stotra finds its roots in an ancient conversation between Hygreeva, the head of the Nagas, and Saint Agastya, a revered sage. Hygreeva narrated this Stotra to Agastya, explaining its profound significance in attaining spiritual wealth and enlightenment. Since then, the practice of Khadgamala Pooja has been prevalent, offering a path for devotees to attain divine blessings.

The Procedure of Khadgamala Pooja

The Khadgamala Pooja commences early in the morning at 4 AM daily at the Vijayawada Durga Temple. Devotees arrive at the temple before the start of the Pooja, usually around 3:50 AM. The chief priest leads the ceremony, invoking the Goddess through a sequence of mantras. This ritual lasts for about an hour and concludes with the distribution of Prasad.

Online Booking

For devotees who wish to book the Khadgamala Pooja online, the official website of Durga Malleswara Swamy Varla Devasthanam offers this facility. It’s recommended to book well in advance due to the high demand for this ritual. The cost of booking the Pooja online is Rs. 5116.

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Offline Booking

For offline bookings, devotees can visit the temple office at Indrakeeladri, Kanakadurga Nagar, Mallikarjunapeta, Vijayawada. Here, they can fill out a form and make the payment directly. However, it’s advisable to confirm the availability of slots for the Pooja before visiting the temple.

Rules and Regulations

The temple has set certain rules for the attendees of the Khadgamala Pooja. Only two persons are allowed per ticket. During the Pooja, which lasts from 4 AM to 5 AM, devotees are expected to maintain silence and decorum inside the temple premises.

Things to Know

The temple does not allow darshan from 11:45 AM to 12:15 PM because of Sri Ammavari. It’s also important to dress modestly while visiting the temple.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of the Khadgamala Pooja?

The cost of the Khadgamala Pooja is Rs. 5116.

2. How can I book the Khadgamala Pooja?

You can book the Pooja either online through the official website of the Durga Malleswara Swamy Varla Devasthanam3 or offline by visiting the temple office.

3. What is the timing of the Khadgamala Pooja?

The Pooja is performed daily from 4 AM to 5 AM.

In conclusion, the Khadgamala Pooja in Vijayawada is a profound ritual that offers a pathway to divine blessings and spiritual enlightenment. Whether you are a local devotee or a visitor, participating in this Pooja can be a spiritually enriching experience.

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