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Japali Hanuman Temple Tirumala Timings Location How to Reach

Know the details about the Japali Hanuman Temple Tirumala Timings Location How to Reach, Tirumala Japali Temple Opening Closing Timings

Japali Hanuman Temple Tirumala: An Unexplored Spiritual Path

The Japali Hanuman Temple, also known as Japali Teertham, is a hidden gem in the spiritual landscape of Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh, India. Nestled amidst dense forests, this temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and offers a serene and tranquil environment for devotees to connect with the divine.

Japali Hanuman Temple Tirumala Timings Location How to Reach

Location and How to Reach

Japali Theerthan is conveniently located just 3 kilometers from Tirumala, making it an easy detour for pilgrims visiting the main temple. It lies on the route to Papavinasanam, another popular spot in Tirumala. From the roadside, one has to traverse a 1-kilometer stretch on foot to reach the temple, adding an adventurous element to the journey.

Timings and Pooja Schedule

The temple opens its doors to devotees from 6:00 am and remains accessible until 7:00 pm. However, the timings can vary during special occasions and festivals. It is recommended to check the timings before planning a visit.

The pooja schedule at the temple is not fixed due to its remote location and fewer footfalls compared to the main Tirumala temple. However, regular poojas and rituals dedicated to Lord Hanuman are performed by the temple priests.

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Bus Timings

While there are no direct bus services to Japali Teertham, buses frequently ply between Tirumala and Papavinasanam. From the nearest bus stop, visitors can easily cover the remaining distance on foot.

Important Instructions

Due to the temple’s location amidst thick forests, visitors are advised to follow certain precautions:

  • It’s better to visit the temple during daylight hours due to its isolated location.
  • Carrying water and some light snacks can be helpful as there are limited facilities available.
  • As the temple is situated in a forest area, it’s important to respect the surroundings and avoid littering.

Things to Know

The Japali Hanuman Temple holds significant historical and mythological importance. It is believed that Lord Hanuman used to visit this location often4. The temple was built in the 15th century during Vijaya Raghava Rayalu’s dynasty. Despite being one of the lesser-known places in Tirumala, it is highly revered and visited by those seeking peace and solace away from the bustling crowds.


Q: Is there a specific festival celebrated at Japali Hanuman Temple?

A: While the temple doesn’t host any large-scale festivals like the main Tirumala temple, special poojas and rituals are performed on Hanuman Jayanti, the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman.

Q: Is it suitable for children and elderly people?

A: Yes, it is suitable for all age groups. However, the 1-kilometer walk from the roadside might be challenging for some older people or those with mobility issues.

Japali Hanuman Temple is indeed a must-visit for those seeking spiritual fulfillment combined with the thrill of exploration. Its serene ambiance and historical significance make it a unique addition to the Tirumala experience.



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