ISKCON Temple Bangalore Darshan Online Ticket Booking Cost


Know the details about the ISKCON Temple Bangalore Darshan Online Ticket Booking, ISKCON Temple Bangalore Tickets Pooja Online Booking

A Comprehensive Guide to ISKCON Temple Bangalore Darshan and Online Ticket Booking

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Temple in Bangalore, also known as the Sri Radha Krishna Temple, is a beacon of spiritual enlightenment and architectural grandeur. Recognized as one of the best-maintained temples worldwide, it attracts countless devotees each day. This blog post provides an elaborate guide on booking darshan tickets online for this temple, along with information on daily poojas, cost, essential things to know, and frequently asked questions.

ISKCON Temple Bangalore Darshan Online Ticket Booking Cost

About ISKCON Temple Bangalore

ISKCON Temple Bangalore, dedicated to Lord Krishna, is renowned for its serene ambiance, beautiful deities, and engaging spiritual programs. The temple complex houses multiple shrines, a spacious hall for festivals and events, a Vedic theatre, and a multi-vision cinema theatre.

Online Darshan Ticket Booking: Step-by-Step Procedure

While there’s no need to reserve tickets for the ISKCON Temple in Bangalore, you can avail of special darshan tickets for a quicker darshan. Though the specific procedure for online booking isn’t directly available, you might find apps like ‘Confirm Darshan Temple Booking’ helpful.

Pooja List Daily

The ISKCON Temple Bangalore conducts several poojas and rituals daily. While specifics aren’t readily available, typical ISKCON temples perform rituals like Mangala Aarti, Tulasi Aarti, and Sandhya Aarti daily. Weekly Sunday feasts are also a common feature, featuring kirtan, spiritual discourse, and prasadam distribution.

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The general darshan at ISKCON Temple Bangalore is free of cost. However, for special darshan or participation in specific sevas, a fee might be charged. For the most accurate and updated information on costs, it’s best to contact the temple administration directly.

Things to Know

Before planning your visit to ISKCON Temple Bangalore, here are a few essential things to keep in mind:

  • The temple is open every day, but exact timings might vary.
  • Photography is generally allowed in the temple premises but prohibited inside the sanctum sanctorum.
  • The temple complex also houses a higher taste restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of vegetarian delicacies.
  • It’s advisable to dress modestly while visiting the temple.


Q: Do I need to book tickets for darshan at ISKCON Temple Bangalore?

A: No, general darshan does not require tickets. However, special darshan tickets are available for quicker darshan.

Q: What are the timings for ISKCON Temple Bangalore?

A: The temple is open every day, but exact timings might vary. Please check the official website for the most accurate timing information.

Q: Can I participate in the daily poojas at the temple?

A: Yes, devotees can participate in daily poojas. However, it’s best to check with the temple administration for specific details.

In conclusion, a visit to the ISKCON Temple Bangalore offers not just a spiritual retreat but also a cultural exploration. So, plan your visit, book your darshan, and immerse yourself in the divine ambiance of this sacred temple!


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