Garuda Statue Alipiri Tirupati History Location Timings Pooja


Know the details about the Garuda Statue Alipiri Tirupati History Location Timings Pooja, Garuda Statue Alipiri Tirupati Opening Closing Timings

The Majestic Garuda Statue at Alipiri, Tirupati: A Spiritual Beacon

Nestled at the foot of the sacred Tirumala hills, the Garuda Statue at Alipiri serves as a grand welcome to the millions of devotees heading towards the abode of Lord Venkateswara in Tirupati. This imposing statue is not just a marker on the spiritual path but a significant symbol of devotion and faith. Here is everything you need to know about the Garuda Statue, including its history, location, timings, and pooja schedule.

Garuda Statue Alipiri Tirupati History Location Timings Pooja

History and Significance

The Garuda Statue at Alipiri is a relatively recent addition to Tirupati’s spiritual landscape, inaugurated to inspire and uplift the hearts of the pilgrims as they begin their journey to Tirumala. Garuda, the vahana (vehicle) of Lord Vishnu, symbolizes loyalty, commitment, and the eternal service to the divine. The statue is a monument to these values, reminding every visitor of the virtues upheld by Garuda and the path of devotion they are to follow.


Positioned at Alipiri, the starting point of the pedestrian path leading to Tirumala, the statue is strategically placed to bless and watch over the pilgrims as they ascend towards the holy shrine. It marks the beginning of the arduous climb up the Seven Hills, serving as a source of inspiration for the devotees undertaking the journey.


The area around the Garuda Statue is accessible to pilgrims 24/7, reflecting the continuous stream of visitors to Tirupati. However, specific rituals and offerings at the statue follow a more structured schedule, generally aligning with the temple’s daily routines.

Pooja Schedule

While the Garuda Statue itself is more of a monumental icon than a traditional deity figure for conducting poojas, special occasions and festivals may witness ceremonial respects being paid to this embodiment of devotion. These events are typically aligned with major celebrations at the Tirupati temple, where Garuda plays a significant role in the festivities.

About the Statue

Standing tall, the Garuda Statue is a marvel of craftsmanship, encapsulating the spirit of devotion in its detailed depiction. It is made from high-quality materials designed to withstand the test of time, symbolizing the timeless nature of devotion and service. The statue also acts as a protective guardian for the pilgrims, offering blessings to those who pass by.

Things to Know Before Visiting

  • Respect the Sanctity: While visiting, maintain the decorum expected at a religious site.
  • Photography: Be mindful of photography rules, especially during special ceremonies or poojas.
  • Environmental Awareness: Keep the surroundings clean, respecting the sanctity and beauty of the pilgrimage path.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I perform pooja at the Garuda Statue?

Directly performing pooja is not customary; however, praying and paying respects are encouraged.

Is there any dress code to visit the Garuda Statue?

While there is no strict dress code, dressing modestly in keeping with the temple traditions is recommended.

Are there facilities available near the statue for pilgrims?

Basic amenities are provided for the comfort of the pilgrims, including water and rest areas.

The Garuda Statue at Alipiri is more than a landmark; it is a meaningful representation of the spiritual voyage every devotee undertakes to reach Lord Venkateswara. Its presence reinforces the values of devotion, service, and faith, making it an essential part of the pilgrimage experience in Tirupati. Whether you’re taking your first steps on the path or merely passing by, a moment of reflection at this majestic statue can be a source of inspiration and spiritual solace.

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