Bhogi Pallu Function Items List Complete Procedure Pooja


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Bhogi Pallu Function: A Guide to an Auspicious Tradition

The Bhogi Pallu function is a vibrant and significant ritual in the South Indian states, particularly in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This ceremony is traditionally performed during the festival of Sankranti, specifically on the day of Bhogi, which marks the beginning of the harvest season.

Bhogi Pallu Function Items List Complete Procedure Pooja

What is Bhogi Pallu?

Bhogi Pallu is a unique custom that involves showering children with a special mix known as “Bhogi Pallu”. The key components of this mix include ‘Regipallu’ (Indian jujube or ber fruit), coins, flowers, Akshintalu (colored rice used for blessings), and pieces of sugarcane. Each component of the mix holds a symbolic meaning. For instance, ‘Regipallu’ represents health and prosperity, while coins symbolize wealth.

Purpose of Bhogi Pallu Function

The primary objective of the Bhogi Pallu ceremony is to bless children with good health, prosperity, and protection against evil forces. It is believed to be a remedy for Nara Drishti (evil eye) and Graha Peeda (planetary disturbances).

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Procedure for Bhogi Pallu Function

  1. Preparation of the Mix: First, the Bhogipallu mix is prepared by combining ‘Regipallu’, coins, flowers, Akshinthalu, and pieces of sugarcane.
  2. Turning Over the Head: On the day of Bhogi, parents take a handful of the Bhogi Pallu mix and turn it over the child’s head first in a clockwise and then anti-clockwise direction. This ritual is believed to ward off the evil eye.
  3. Showering the Blessings: Following this, the mix is showered over the child as a symbolic gesture of blessings and good wishes.

Things to Know

  • The Bhogi Pallu function is usually performed for children aged three years and below.
  • The ceremony is often performed with the child seated on a special pedestal or chair, which may be decorated for the occasion.
  • The ritual is typically followed by traditional songs and dances, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can the Bhogi Pallu function be performed at home? Yes, the Bhogi Pallu function can be performed at home with family members and neighbors in attendance.

2. Can this function be performed for children above three years old? Traditionally, the Bhogi Pallu function is performed for children three years old and under. However, there are no strict rules, and it can be performed for older children as well.

3. What is the significance of the clockwise and anti-clockwise movement over the child’s head? This movement is believed to ward off the evil eye and protect the child from any negative energies.

In conclusion, the Bhogi Pallu function is a beautiful tradition that not only celebrates the harvest festival but also seeks to bless the younger generation with health, prosperity, and protection against negative forces. It’s a testimony to the rich cultural heritage of the South Indian states.

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