Bhadrachalam Sri Rama Navami 2024 Prasadam Online Booking


Know the details about the Bhadrachalam Sri Rama Navami 2024 Prasadam Online Booking, Bhadrachalam Sri Rama Navami 2024 Prasadam Cost

Bhadrachalam Sri Rama Navami Kalyanam 2024: Prasadam Online Booking Guide

Bhadrachalam’s Sri Rama Navami Kalyanam is a spiritual beacon for devotees, celebrating the divine matrimony of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. In 2024, the sacred prasadam from this holy event will be available to devotees across the globe through online booking. This initiative allows believers to partake in the blessings irrespective of their geographical location. Here’s your comprehensive guide to booking the prasadam online, ensuring you receive this divine offering directly to your doorstep.

Bhadrachalam Sri Rama Navami 2024 Prasadam Online Booking

Booking Procedure Steps

  1. Visit Official Site: Access the authentic Bhadrachalam Temple website dedicated to Sri Rama Navami festivities.
  2. Select Prasadam Booking: Find and click on the option for prasadam booking related to Sri Rama Navami Kalyanam 2024.
  3. Input Details: Accurately fill in necessary details such as name, delivery address, and contact information.
  4. Make Payment: Choose your payment method and complete the transaction. Credit/debit cards and net banking are typically accepted.
  5. Booking Confirmation: Upon successful payment, you will receive an email confirmation with your booking details and a receipt.


The cost for the prasadam includes a nominal fee for the prasadam itself, along with packaging and delivery charges. The temple ensures affordability, aiming to reach as many devotees as possible.

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Delivery Procedure

  • Sanctification: The prasadam is consecrated during the Kalyanam ceremony, ensuring it carries the divine blessings.
  • Packaging: It is then carefully packaged to maintain its sanctity and freshness during transit.
  • Dispatch: The packages are dispatched shortly after the event, with the aim of reaching devotees in a timely manner.
  • Tracking: Devotees will receive a tracking number to monitor their package’s journey to their home.
  • Receiving: The prasadam should arrive within the specified delivery period, ready to bring divine blessings into your home.

Things to Know

  • Early Booking Recommended: Due to high demand, it’s advisable to book your prasadam early to secure your participation.
  • Non-Refundable: Once booked, the prasadam order is final and cannot be refunded.
  • Check Delivery Areas: Before booking, ensure that the delivery service covers your area, especially for international devotees.


  • Can I order prasadam for multiple addresses? Yes, but you will need to place separate orders for each delivery address.
  • Is there a limit on the quantity of prasadam I can order? To ensure broad distribution, there might be a cap on the amount per order. Check the temple’s website for details.
  • What does the prasadam include? The prasadam package typically includes sacred offerings like dry fruits, sweets, and a small deity photo or idol, although contents can vary.
  • What if my prasadam doesn’t arrive on time? Use the provided tracking number to check the status. For significant delays, contact the temple’s support team for assistance.

Booking the Sri Rama Navami Kalyanam prasadam online for the 2024 celebrations offers a unique opportunity to connect with divine traditions from anywhere in the world. By following these straightforward steps, devotees can ensure they partake in the blessings of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita, fostering spiritual growth and well-being.

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