Avanakshamma Temple Narayanavanam Timings Opening Close


Know the details about the Avanakshamma Temple Narayanavanam Timings Opening Close, Avanakshamma Temple Narayanavanam Break Timings

Avanakshamma Temple Narayanavanam: An Overview of Timings and Rituals


Avanakshamma Temple, situated in the serene town of Narayanavanam, is a spiritual hub that holds deep religious significance and a rich history of 3000 years. This guide will provide detailed insights into the temple’s opening and closing timings, break timings, Pooja schedule, essential things to know, rules, and frequently asked questions.

Avanakshamma Temple Narayanavanam Timings Opening Close

About Avanakshamma Temple

Nestled on the Tirupati-Chennai Highway, near the calming River Aruni, Avanakshamma Temple is a beacon of faith and piety. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Avanakshamma, known for her divine power and benevolence. The temple is a significant part of the spiritual landscape of Narayanavanam, attracting devotees from various corners of the world.

Opening and Closing Timings

The Avanakshamma Temple opens its doors to devotees early in the morning. The temple’s timings are from 8 AM to 11 AM, allowing devotees ample time to offer their prayers and participate in the temple’s rituals. The temple reopens in the evening until 6:30 PM.

Break Timings

The temple takes a short break in the afternoon. However, the exact timings may vary, so it’s advisable to check with the temple management before planning your visit.

Pooja Schedule

The temple conducts several Poojas throughout the day. Abhishekam, a sacred ritual involving the bathing of the deity, is performed on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday at 8.30 AM. The Abhishekam lasts for an hour, followed by half an hour of Alankaram, the ritual of adorning the deity.

Things To Know

Before visiting the Avanakshamma Temple, it’s crucial to be aware of the temple’s customs and traditions. The temple follows traditional Hindu rituals, and appropriate attire is necessary for entering the temple premises.


Avanakshamma Temple has a set of rules that all visitors are expected to follow. These include maintaining silence within the temple, respecting the sanctity of the place, and following the instructions given by the temple authorities. Any violation of these rules may lead to denial of entry or expulsion from the temple.


1. What are the opening and closing timings of Avanakshamma Temple? The temple opens at 8 AM and closes at 11 AM. It reopens in the evening and remains open until 6:30 PM.

2. When is Abhishekam performed at Avanakshamma Temple? Abhishekam is performed on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday at 8.30 AM.

3. Are there any specific rules to follow while visiting the temple? Yes, maintaining silence, wearing appropriate attire, and following the instructions given by the temple authorities are some of the rules to follow.

Avanakshamma Temple, with its tranquil surroundings and spiritual significance, provides a unique experience for devotees. Whether you’re seeking divine blessings or tranquility, this temple welcomes all with open arms.

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