Apara Ekadashi 2024 Date And Timings Pooja Celebration


Know the details about the Apara Ekadashi 2024 Date And Timings Pooja Celebration, Apara Ekadashi 2024 Pooja Celebration Procedure

Apara Ekadashi 2024: Date, Timings, Celebration Process, and Significance

Apara Ekadashi, also known as Achala Ekadashi, is a significant day in the Hindu calendar dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Observing this auspicious day is believed to absolve devotees of their sins and bring prosperity. This article provides detailed information on Apara Ekadashi 2024, including the date, timings, celebration process, story, importance, and essential facts.

Apara Ekadashi 2024 Date And Timings Pooja Celebration

Date and Timings

Date: Apara Ekadashi in 2024 falls on

May 26, 2024. Day: Sunday.

Timings: The ekadashi tithi begins at 04:00 PM on May 25, 2024, and ends at 05:30 PM on May 26, 2024. The ideal time for observing the fast and performing rituals is during the ekadashi hours.

Celebration Process

Observing Apara Ekadashi involves several rituals and practices to honor Lord Vishnu. Here’s a simplified celebration process:


  • Clean the House: Ensure the house, especially the pooja room, is clean.
  • Personal Cleanliness: Take a bath early in the morning and wear clean clothes.
  • Arrange Pooja Items: Gather necessary items like flowers, fruits, incense sticks, lamps, and holy water.


  • Fasting Rules: Devotees observe a strict fast, abstaining from grains and cereals. Some choose to fast without food or water, while others consume fruits and milk.
  • Breaking the Fast: The fast is broken on the next day, dwadashi, after performing the morning rituals.

Pooja and Prayers

  • Set Up the Altar: Place an idol or picture of Lord Vishnu on a clean altar.
  • Offer Flowers and Fruits: Offer fresh flowers, fruits, and tulsi leaves to the deity.
  • Light Lamps and Incense Sticks: Light oil lamps and incense sticks to create a divine atmosphere.
  • Chant Mantras: Recite Vishnu Sahasranama, Apara Ekadashi Vrat Katha, or other Vishnu mantras.
  • Perform Aarti: Conclude the pooja with an aarti, singing hymns in praise of Lord Vishnu.

Charity and Helping Others

  • Donate Food and Clothes: Engage in charitable activities by donating food, clothes, and money to the needy.
  • Help the Needy: Offering assistance to those in need is considered highly auspicious on this day.

Story of Apara Ekadashi

According to legend, once there lived a King named Mahidhwaj who was kind and just. His younger brother Vajradhwaj, driven by jealousy, killed him and threw his body under a peepal tree. The king’s soul, unable to attain peace, haunted the tree. A sage named Dhaumya discovered this and performed rituals to free the king’s soul. On Apara Ekadashi, the sage advised the spirit to observe the fast and seek Lord Vishnu’s blessings to attain salvation.

Importance of Apara Ekadashi

Apara Ekadashi is important for several reasons:

  • Spiritual Cleansing: Observing the fast is believed to cleanse one’s soul and wash away sins.
  • Attain Moksha: Devotees believe that observing Apara Ekadashi can help attain moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth and death).
  • Blessings of Lord Vishnu: Worshiping Lord Vishnu on this day brings his blessings for prosperity and well-being.

Things to Know

  • Avoid Certain Foods: Refrain from consuming grains, rice, and lentils on Ekadashi.
  • Maintain Purity: Personal and environmental cleanliness is essential during the observance.
  • Devote Time to Prayer: Spend time in meditation, prayer, and reading scriptures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the significance of fasting on Apara Ekadashi? A: Fasting on Apara Ekadashi is believed to cleanse sins and bring spiritual benefits.

Q: Can children and elderly people observe the fast? A: Yes, but they should opt for a milder version of the fast, such as consuming fruits and milk.

Q: Are there specific mantras to chant on this day? A: Devotees often recite Vishnu Sahasranama, Vishnu Chalisa, and the Apara Ekadashi Vrat Katha.

Q: Can non-Hindus participate in the celebrations? A: Yes, non-Hindus can participate and learn about the cultural and spiritual significance of the festival.

Q: Is it necessary to visit a temple on Apara Ekadashi? A: Visiting a temple is beneficial but not mandatory. You can perform the rituals at home.

Apara Ekadashi is a deeply spiritual day that offers devotees an opportunity to seek Lord Vishnu’s blessings and purify their souls. By observing the fast and engaging in rituals with devotion, one can experience spiritual growth and inner peace.

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